Error message during choices

I keep getting an error message and don’t see an error anywhere. Its only on one line of my choices. Iv’e deleted that choice and its still wrong? I even replaced the option with something else and I still get the exact same error message but there’s nothing wrong

The choice options need to be on the same line as the bracket or on the very next line.

} “Option here” {


“Option here” {

Put the next choice right under the bracket from the last choice. I totally had to figure this one out too- Episodes is so specific. Here’s an example:

DAD (talk_awkward)
Well this is weird.
“Another Option” {

DAD (talk_neutral)
That wasn’t so bad.

Is that the first choice? In which case, you missed the word “choice” before it.

Otherwise, what does the error message say? Can you post the script into here?