Error message even after my overlay is approved


Hi everyone !

I created an overlay whch is very important for my story. It has been approved but I still get this error message ; “Your overlay Catherine is still in review…”

But on my overlays portal it is written to be approved and I received the mail saying it has been approved.

I haven’t finished my episode yet so I can’t publish it to see if it works even though I have an error message.

Does anyone have ever had this problem ? Have you been able to publish your story ?

(If you want to check how I put it in my script :

@overlay 6415072035602432_CATHERINE shifts to 251 295 in zone 2
@overlay 6415072035602432_CATHERINE scales to 0.212 0.212
@overlay 6415072035602432_CATHERINE moves to layer 0

The numbers before the name of my overlay were given with the overlay helper, and I can’t remove them because Catherine is also the name of a character in my story.)

Thanks for your help ! :kissing_heart:


It happens to me too! You just have to re-write it in your script and then save.
It functions with me😉


yep. same thing happened to me and i sent an error ticket and they actually responded saying to delete it, save it then re-add it.


It worked !!! Thank you so much !


I’m glad I could help😊



Solved and closed. :smiley: