Error message help

Heyy, I need some help with this error message for my customisation script. I contacted episode and I followed exactly what they said, but it still didn’t work.

I can’t seem to find anything wrong with this, I’ve tried everything.

thank you xx

Have your tried putting a @pause for a beat after the sound?

no, I haven’t. I’ll try it and report back :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, its not working.

Oh really?
Thank you

hmmmm…I’ll try it out :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, that didn’t work either :[

@Apes help pls :sweat_smile:


did you try it what @Jade.epi suggest it because it is working for me :thinking:

sound bloop
@pause for a beat
goto fem_skin1


I’ll try it again and send a screenshot.

Now its working. thank you so much @Jade.epi and @Apes


Marked as solved and closed. Thanks all!