Error message when adding music?


Here is the text where I am getting an error message:


music upbeatsynth
volume music 75 1000

The error message is telling me that that audio does not exist. I pulled the name straight from the catalog and I used another song earlier in this episode with no error saying that it doesn’t exist. I put “music off” before this to stop the first song so I could use this one. I also tried saving the script without the “music off” in between to see if that was the issue but the error is still there. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you.


Update: I now removed those lines of text to see what would happen and I am now getting an error message for the other music (happygolucky) I added in before that. I’m confused as to why I’m getting errors that this audio doesn’t exist when I pulled it straight from the catalog.


music music_upbeatsynth


When I write it like that I get an error that it isn’t in the correct format.


It should work tbh. And don’t delete the texts between the sound commands, there should be texts between the sound commands (not including the volume).


Let’s see your script



Here are the two errors I get when I write it in both ways.


music_happygolucky is the sound name. You need to add the word music in front of that name

music music_happygolucky


Oh, I see now! I didn’t realize you had to put music in front of that. Thanks so much.


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: