Error message while creating overlay

Hello Epi-Beauties,

I am beyond frustrated at this point. I have been trying to write an overlay into the script, but it is not recognizing any of the information that I have written. I have attached a screenshot of the errors in question. As you can see, I have successfully written overlays into my stories previously, but this is a new issue. How do I fix this??? Please help!!!

it’s the name of the overlay, the “AND” could be confused as an actual command

Okie Dokie…so I have to rename the overlay. Let me try that. Because I am legit at my wits end with this !!!LOL

HAHAHHAHA yep!! don’t worry, i’m sure we can fix this

Thank you … because I was about to take a long break!!!LOL

oh dang :pensive: well good luck with coding!

YES!!! It works now!!! Thank you sooooo much for your help!!!

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yasss that’s great! i’m glad i could help :star_struck::star_struck:

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You totally did!!! Now I can go back to making my Gala scene. Whoop Whoop!!! :writing_hand:t5:

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Closed: Marked as solved by thread Op :smiley: