ERROR: Need help!



Hey guys,
So I have been having some trouble understanding why it keeps telling me something is wrong and I don’t see the problem here. PLEASE HELP!


Can you screenshot farther down in your script?





Is the room 1,2,3 option a part of going with Emiliano?


Yes it is


If line 741 is where the Emiliano choice ends, add a double bracket
LINE 741 - }
LINE 742 - }

Since you’re closing out the room 3 option, and the go with Emiliano option.


I did have it like that but it keeps telling me that I have an error


Try to get rid of the bracket on 742, and on the right of 741, click the close arrow…
Then screenshot it and show me what it looks like after you close it up.



This’ll be easier to see if you could open up every bracket in Emiliano’s choice

Copy and paste it all to me in my PM, I’ll get a better look that way if you don’t mind.