Error: Need more than I value to unpack

Hey! I am having this script error and I have never seen it and no idea why it is showing up!

Do you have more than 400 lines? (or dialogue)

No, I only have 108 lines altogether

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I think that is the problem. To publish that chapter, the minimum requiment is 400 lines of dialogue. Let me show you

I know, but I haven’t published it. I’m still carrying on with the chapter.

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oh, then i don’t know. That’s weird.

Yeh very weird🤔 I’ll have another look

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maybe reset your page? tell me if that works

Okay! Thank you anyway.

Hey this problem happens when you do 4 digit spots rather than three

check your spot coding

What do you mean? Sorry :joy:

I did this coding earlier and didn’t have this problem until now. It’s very weird

I think this might be the right coding too

This error usually pertains to spot/overlay coordinates so make sure to check all or your numbers to make sure you aren’t missing a number. If you want, you can PM me your script and I can pinpoint the line of error


Ah okay! Right, I’ll go reset her spot directions, then I can re-enter them and see how that goes. If not, I I’ll PM you on IG if that’s alright. Thank you everyone for helping me.

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