Error of scene change


Hello, I’ve got an error which I’m not familiar with, it says:
Expected CHARACTER or SCENE change. Found “quote from story” instead. Did you forget to CAPITALIZE the name, or close the ( ) around the animation?

This is my script:

  LITTLE JASON (talk_exhausted)
I'm just tired of this, I don't want to see you cry because of them.

@LITTLE JASON walks to spot 1.100 170 3
@LITTLE JASON is rear and LITTLE JASON faces left
@LITTLE JASON is hug_rear
@LITTLE IVY is hug
@LITTLE JASON (talk_neutral)
I’m sorry sis, I love you

The error is on the last line “I’m sorry sis, I love you”

Please help me, cause I can’t really put my finger on it


It should be:

LITTLE JASON (talk_neutral)
Dialogue here


Thank you very much, it works!


No problem :smile:


Oh, I also wanted to ask how to make characters do something at the same time? Like take a deep breath or talk at one moment together etc.

  1. To make characters do an animation at the same time without talking

@CHARACTER is animation AND CHARACTER is animation and so on

  1. One charater is talking and the other one is doing an animation:

&CHARACTER is animation

CHARATER (animation)
Dialogue here


Thank you very much for your answers, have a good day)


You’re welcome :blush: you too :blush: