Error placing Overlay

What I’m doing wrong?

When I place this the error appears and whenever i put shift and scale the overlay moves and I don’t want it to move because is a pile of paper, can someone help me Please?


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If you want to add the overlay on the same line as the background, you’ll have to do something like this:

INT. BATHROOM - DAY with INT. TAPED WALL COCOON - DAY to .280 Y Z in zone 1

“Y” and “Z” stand for the shift coordinates. (for example: @overlay INT. TAPED WALL COCOON shifts to 20 40". 20 is Y and 40 is Z in this case.)

Or you can just do this:

@overlay INT. TAPED WALL COCOON - DAY scales to .280 .280 in zone 1 in 0

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It keeps happening

And one second later it got positioned but the reader will see when it moves

Could you send a picture of your script?

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To have an overlay already in the scene from the beginning you have to add the overlay next to the background using this format:

Just plug in the numbers.
% is the scale (the scale needs to be entered in only once)
x y are the shift coordinates

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I’ll change the scene it keeps happening :pensive::pensive: thank you anyways for your help.

Can you post a screenshot of your script. It’s a lot easier to see what the issue is

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It was this but I changed as you suggested and know is Working but I can’t place the overlay where i want so i decided to move the character where the overlay is now

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Thank you so much! :blush:

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Write it like this:

INT.BATHROOM-DAY with INT. TAPED WALL COCOON to 0.352 142 320 in zone 1

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I just found it! :joy::joy: i wasn’t including the shift numbers I’m sorry I feel so dumb :joy::joy::joy:

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