Error script help. Please help

Is the living room scene with Aunt Jenna a part of the only say a little choice?

yes that choice ends on line 640 when the parents leave and the next choice starts

Why is there another bracket on line 621? Is there like a choice within the choice? If so, the things inside that bracket might be causing the error.

that was there by accident but no its not in play to the error. i deleted that one

Maybe you need to add punctuation to line 625?



Wait. That’s not a spot. For spot directing, you need to put a set of coordinates like 1.280 155 160. You can alter what spot you want your characters to run to on the app and portal.

No i know that i was going tto do that but episode wont let me do the directing until i fix this error

Can you copy and paste the whole choice onto this thread?

yes hang on


Capture4 Capture5

heres both choices

@phoenix i fixed it but now its saying for the second choice ugh…

What did you fix within the choice? It’s possible that might be the same affecting the second choice.

all i did was this for first choice

“Only say a little- short version”{

the second choice no

i look above and this is the same error we had before but if i fixed it why is it saying its wrong again?

It might be missing a bracket or there’s something wrong in the coding within the choice.

ugh why is this so hard

Coding’s very complicated, especially with errors. Often times, you find out something very tiny and small was the cause of you not being able to go further with developing your episode.

i’ll see if i can figure this out. thanks for your help

You’re welcome. I would suggest trying to look closely at commands like zooms, entrances, exits, transitions, etc.