Error Script PLEASE HELP

I’m making an advance choices and then when I saved the script it says error WHAT SHOULD I DO?! NEED HELP Error%201Error

Try removing the empty line between the word choice and your first choice option.

I did finish the script but it still says error

I did that the 1st option is fine now but the 2nd one is error it says this]Error%20again%201Error%20again
I finished doing the choices and the labels so i don’t understand why it says error

You can’t keep skipping whole lines like that between the word choice and the first option, and an ending bracket and the next option. It needs to look like this:

“Option” {


choice “Option” {


“Another option” {


} “Another option” {

On top of what Dara’s already informed you about how to write up a choice, I believe you’ve accidently gotten a . between the choice option " and the { (?) That’s probably what’s causing your error. The SE usually manage to fix most space issues on its own but this is something it can’t fix/identify and therefore gets confused.


If your talking about the first option I have already noticed that and tried deleting it but when I put { the “.” is there and It’s okay now the 2nd option is the problem but I have fixed it :smiley: but still Thank you <3

You’re welcome. :upside_down_face:
Glad you managed to fix it. Happy coding.


Glad this got fixed! Closing :slight_smile: