Error Showing Up In The Web Previewer Everytime I Try To Preview

Anyone else having this issue?

Hmmm, maybe you should restart your computer and see what will happen?

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whats the error saying? i think im having the same problem.

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Error #

Example: Error 11

ohhh no not the same one as me. but have you got a dressing game in your script? error 11 means theres an error in dressing game or where the character changes clothes

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Yeah. What’s your error saying?

its alright, its working now, but the whole website was down. anyways, what have you got in your script at the dressing game or changing clothes part? and did you fix it at all?

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I just fixed it.

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Anyone know what error 11 means?


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like for example, if a char is changing clothes, you might have put in the clothing name wrong.
like it might’ve been char_pjs but you put in char_pj


I have error 11 but there’s nothing wrong with the clothing… does anyone know what to do?

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send me a screenshot of your script

That is a bit difficult… any other options?

well… i would like to see what your script looks like to be able to help you

Alright, but do you mean my whole script? That is a bit much. And how?

I have the same issue.

The only way to know for certain is by showing the whole script so we can try to help out or re-trying the whole dressing game choice until it shows up with no error.
Sorry! :smile: