ERROR that wont fix

so i’m trying to write a story and theres like 3 choices but some reason on the second choice it says unexpected dialague and ive tried everything and it like still wont fix its like on the first line and ive literall tried to fix it so many times but it wont.

“Why are the biggest bullies in school in the wedding?” {

VENN (talk_explain_neutral)
Why are the 3 biggest bullies in highschool your best men?

GABE (talk_afraid)

GABE (talk_explain_neutral)
You see, in highschool I only had 3 friends, you, my sister, Hazel…

Can you post a screenshot of your script?

You need choice before the choice

I FIGURED it out now thanks though!!

I did it was on the sceond choice it was acting up

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