ERROR: The Outfit does not exist

I keep getting this error message no matter which outfit I choose. I’m typing in the exact name of the outfit and it’s populating it for me in pink but then I still get an error. I’ve refreshed the page to try and re-sync everything but it’s not working. What am I doing wrong?

Remove where is saids outfit
Just put
And so on

Thank you so so much! I’m gettin another error I can’t seem to fix now:

Where you have them walking in
And try &Malory walks to screen center.
Put an @pause for a beat
In the middle.

Show the top of your clothing choice so I can see if it can be something else

I see whats wrong backspace where you have her changing BadAss you have this
you have space and it shouldn’t be a space

It should be like this


Thank you so much that worked. I have another question (sorry for so many) I’m really new.

Under script template what is the difference between all of the different limelight’s for characters? For example Avatar - Limelight Female 1, Avatar - Limelight Female 2 etc.

Thank you!!

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They are for customization. To allow readers to create their character or as many as you need it.
If it’s the whole family friends etc.

No problem I do not mind.
I only know the basics.

You’re welcome

Thank you!!! :grinning:

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No problem.