ERROR There is a { on line 425 that does not have a matching }




Help anyone? Sort of new to this :slight_smile:


Can you show it with opening the 1st choice :thinking:


Yeah sorry.


But , I am seeing the dot after the choice name
“Go after darake” .{

Try removing it🤔


No dot lol


Are you sure?
Lol,looks like I need glasses :joy:
But I don’t seeing anything weird rather than that dot


My other options work perfectly, but it seems to point only to the second option like:

} ‘‘textchoice’’ {

I believe that part is wrong but only the bolded part keeps being highlighted when saving the chapter


Okay🤔 I have no idea😓


thanks anyways haha I hope to realize where the problem is


Let me tag some people who maybe help


@Dara.Amarie ?


On line 438 you have music with nothing after it.


Oh my god, thank you. Didn’t even think it would bother the choice though.


When you get an error saying that brackets are missing but all brackets are there, then that means there is an error somewhere inside those brackets.


Ah I see. Thank you so much! <3