ERROR unexpected IF: if

Can someone help me ASAP i don’t understand why i keep getting this error for the if/elif/else

Screenshot of script?


A choice looks like his:


choice (choice_name)
“Option 1” {

} “Option 2” {

} “Option 3” {

The if/elif/else is only used to remember a choice later on.

Yeah i know but thats what i want because i want my character to wear the same outfit in the next scene/ episode

Yes but like I said above the if/elif/else is used for later on. You need to have the choice first, then use the if/elif/else later when you want that choice remembered.

Sorry I’m a bit confused

You want your readers to choose an outfit first, correct? So create the choice with this format:

Then later in the episode or the next episode when you want to remember the choice the reader chose, you will use the if/elif/else. You cannot combine a choice and an if/elif/else like the way you did.

Do i have to like do this in the next episode to be able for them to still be wearing that outfit

Sorry im just still trying to understand apologies for wasting your time.

A character will stay in an outfit until you change them into a different outfit. So your character will stay in the outfit that was chosen and it will carry over to the next scene and even the next episode. They will continue to wear the same outfit always. The only time you need to use the if/elif/else is if you had changed the character into a different outfit and want to change them back into what the reader chose.

Do you mind showing me an example like in a script

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

Okay thank you so much for time this really helped me a lot :blush:

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No problem! :wink: