Put your warnings and or errors here! I won’t be answering them, but you can get help from others here! I am also tired of making topics for my errors or warnings, so I made this for that also!

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yes… again lol
why do I have a error here?


TEVA (read_phone_shocked)
(It’s them…)

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^^ correct, remove brackets around “its them” if you would like it in normal speech not thought bubbles.

^^ Also correct, but given the context, it appears the script includes the “thought bubble” rather than the “speech”. If you don’t understand what we’re referring to, if you put parenthesis around character’s speech, you’ll get the “thought bubble”! Hope that makes sense!

it does thank you!

I might need help again… :upside_down_face:

You misspelled “label” :slight_smile:

thank you! (I feel so stupid rn :joy:)

Np! And it’s not stupid, it happens from time to time. ^^


I go another one and I CHECKED this time and I copied and pasted it from the EXACT same line but, there is NO ERROR there! Could you help me again?

the “@” sign again!

Oh heheh… Sorry :confused:

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Yes… another one I did the exact same thing in the others, and they were fine! I don’t know anymore!!!

TEVA (dance_drop_it)
Slaying all day!

Remove the @ infront of @TEVA (dance_drop_it) as well as for all the other lines where she’s speaking/thinking.

Also remove @ from the outfit name, so it’s TEVA_work2 , not @TEVA_work2 (as well as from the other outfits)

Also, it’s not @TEVA walks into screen center zone 1

It should be:

@TEVA walks to screen center in zone 1

the error is still there

I’m guessing you may have a bunch of errors. I’d suggest checking out Joseph Evans’ tutorials on Youtube and if you go to you’ll find some dressing game templates to use.

So, here’s an example:

label choosing_outfit

Pick something.

“Work 1”{

#scene for changing into work 1 goes here.

}“Work 2”{

#scene for changing into work 2 goes here.

}“Work 3”{

#scene for changing into work 3 goes here.


@TEVA walks to screen center in zone 1

TEVA (primp_condescend)
(Should I keep this?)

“Yes girl”{


goto choosing_outfit


#continue script here

I’M BACK :joy::joy::upside_down_face: