Ohh uuhhmm thanks ~goes back 2 first grade ela class~


Auctally idk why I can’t do this…


sound ext_peopletalking

@KAIA stands screen left AND KAIA faces right

@ALEXIS stands upscreen left AND ALEXIS faces right

@KAIA starts walk_neutral_offset

@ALEXIS starts walk_neutral_offset

    ALEXIS (walk_talk_happy)
Do you know what you are looking for?

    KAIA (walk_talk_happy)
Uhm, not really

    ALEXIS (walk_talk_happy)

So I have to do everything as ush-

    KAIA (walk_talk_happy)

I see a store!

@KAIA stands screen right AND KAIA is run_neutral

@pause for a beat

    KAIA (run_neutral)




The script thinks LETS GO is a character. You need to add an exclamation point or a period.


ok lemme try


Yep… definitely don’t know how I passed the first grade ELA!
(It worked btw!)


Hello guys,

I’ve just started to learn how to use Writer’s Portal and I ran into 2 problems.
The 1st one is that I can’t make a text italic or bold. I can add animation or I can color it without problem, but when I just simply want to make it italic, nothing happens. I tried |italic| and also | italic | but none of them works. (However if I do animation, then both version work - with or without a space in front and after the command.)
So has anyone got a clue what the problem can be ?

And my 2nd problem is that at the first choice. I found help in an older topic that’s already closed. I used a template

label MENU
NANA (think_rubchin)
What should I wear today?

“Dress 1” {
@NANA changes into ch1d1
@NANA is flirt_wink_atcamera_pose

} “Dress 2” {
@NANA changes into ch1d2
@NANA is flirt_wink_atcamera_pose

} “Dress 3” {
@NANA changes into ch1d3
@NANA is flirt_wink_atcamera_pose

label DECIDE
NANA (admire_happy)
Should I wear this?

“Go back”{
goto MENU

from there. It works til I add the outfit choices, but when I add the “confirmation choice”, I get a warning: “The label DECIDE is never used.” Actually it still works, but I don’t like that warning sign there. I’m not even sure if the chapter can be published with it later. Hm…
Anyone could help, please? ^^


It’s difficult to see italic text effect when you preview your story. Have you tried previewing it on the episode app on your phone? About the label - take that label DECIDE out. You don’t need it. The rest is fine :slight_smile:
Edit- you might wanna use lower case for ‘MENU’ too


Oh, thanks, I haven’t thought of checking on the changes in the app. :smiley:

About the warning… If I use lower case on menu, I get a warning again (The label “menu” is never used.)
(Taking out “label DECIDE” solved the warning problem anyway. Thanks again. :slight_smile: )


Change the goto MENU to lower case too (after the choice Go back) and that should fix it :slight_smile:


Worked, thank you! :blush:


Would you know how I can ask my readers to create their name? What is the coding for that? (Sorry I’m new to this)


Read this: A Guide to Typed-in Choices


Ok. Thank you!


Thank you it worked! x


I have an error on this piece of code:

“Door 1” {
@LYNN enters left
@pan to zone 2
@pan to zone 1
LYNN (think_rubchin)
(Who needs that many treadmills?)
@LYNN exits left
gain (EXPLORED2)


@LYNN enters from right to screen right

} “Door 2” {

It tells me that the { following “Door 1” doesn’t have a matching } , but it does… How can I correct this?


remove () from gain, just use



Anytime! :blush:


It worked, thanks :smiley:

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