line 373, you need a dialogue or just put @DREYMON is laugh_giggle


Now I got this…

  1. You spelled laugh wrong, remove the f.
  2. Underneath that put dialogue for Dreymon or remove that line and just put @DREYMON is laugh_giggle.

ty! But I still have my scene error… could u help wit dis 2?


Make a new line underneath line 373 and write a dialogue for Dreymon. You could put “Haha” or something. Should look like this:

DREYMON (laugh_giggle)


Last one 4 today I PROMISE!!


At the beginning of line 257 press tab. I think that’s the issue?


It’s still there


On line 255 make sure there are no spaces. That might be the issue.


“END OF CHAPTER” can’t be in caps. Same for “I’M SO SORRY AGAIN!!”

The scripts thinks of END OF CHAPTER as a character and I’M SO SORRY AGAIN too.

Try adding a text effect to those two lines.


I have this now…


NV! I figured it out



Hey! Not sure if you already figured it out, haven’t been on in a few days but if you haven’t, there’s no space between “choice” and the “Yes I understand” bit and also it should be right against the line and there should be a space between “okay” and “choice” Sorry this is so late!


I’m trying to place a speech bubble off-screen. My code is:

@speechbubble is -90 127 to 100% with tail_top_right

Choices require a speech just before the choices itself, so here's a speech bubble. I don't want this to appear on the screen.

"Left" {

goto GO_LEFT

} "Right" {



But I get this error:

@speechbubble is -90 127 to 100% with tail_top_right" is not a valid directing command. Use something like @speechbubble is 120 100 to 100% with tail_top_right

What can I do to place the speech bubble off the screen?


it need to be

“Yes, I understand.” {

goto story_reset


help again?


can I see the full script.



the other line wuz just dialog no coding or wutever ya call it