Error when there is none?

Warning messages, when the command is correct. I have different commands sprawled around my script like this: @TRINITY enters from left to screen right in zone 2 :and most are wrong. The ones that are right are LITERALLY IDENTICAL. Like copy and pasted identical, but with different characters. I fixed one my combining 2 commands that we’re the exact same with different characters, but that won’t work for any other ones. HELP

ALSO, it gives me a warning on my label that says “use @CHARACTER enters from X to screen Y” but im literally trying to label not move a character

Try removing the in zone. It doesn’t work with entering and the fixed placements commands.
If you want the scene to happen in zone 2, put a cut to zone 2 before the entering of the character.

&cut to zone 2
@TRINITY enters from left to screen right


Ps. Sorry, I missunderstood your problem. What I should have said is that you need to specify to where you want the character to enter, in that zone. like for ex @CHARACTER enters from left to screen left then you can move it to the possition in zone 2. THEN CHARACTER walks to screen right in zone 2

Ok I fixed it! Ty for the help, but My label is still warning-ed :frowning:

Ok, glad you solved it. :upside_down_face:

Could i see more of your script? Might be something else that causes you issue than what the error message says.


Here u go

Remove the @ before Chantel enters.

Ty but still warning

Was fixing other errors, further down, and noticed my other label is wrong too :confused:

Great, thank you.
Like I added to my previous answer to you, you need to make a specified entry for the character.
If you want them to move across the zone have them first enter then cross the zones.

@TRINITY enters from left to screen left THEN TRINITY walks to screen right in zone 2


OMG tysm! :smiley:

Happy to help


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