Error with a limb overlay and tattoo (HELP)

Hi, loves. I’m having a few issues i’m hoping someone can help me with.
The first one is this:

The overlay i’m using has been approved a long time ago, and i honestly don’t understand what this means, and what i’m supposed to do about it.
The second one is that my main cc has two tattoos. One on her wrist and one on her stomach. The one on her wrist is visible at all times, but the one on her stomach never appears in the story, even though it’s added to every outfit she has.

1.) That error usually occurs when you spelled the OL name wrong. Double check it.
2.) I don’t think you can have two tattoos on the same person at the same time. It won’t show up I believe.

I usually get the error that ‘this overlay doesn’t exists’ if i’ve written the overlay wrong, and it shows up in the review, so i don’t really understand why this error pops up
You’re able to have as many tattoos on one person as long as they don’t overlap each other :relaxed:

May I see the script please? As for the tattoos, I’m not sure about that then since I haven’t focused on the outfits part of the portal, so i’m not much help there :man_shrugging:.

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