ERROR WITH CARNIVAL OVERLAY: Here's a fix for you until Episode corrects it!

Hiya team,

I noticed that Episode’s carnival overlay does not align properly with the background.

Unfortunately, resizing does not work. So, I took to photoshop to edit the placements of the overlay.

As the overlay is so large in size (over 2MB), the quality is reduced slightly, however if you intend to use this background, these overlays should suffice until they fix it!

I had to cut the layers into two, otherwise I would have to compress them too much to be able to upload them into the gallery.

So, here are the overlays:


And here is the code to use them in your scene:

EXT. CARNIVAL - NIGHT with CARNIVAL RIGHT in zone 1 at layer 5 with CARNIVAL LEFT in zone 1 at layer 5

&overlay CARNIVAL RIGHT scales to 1.120 1.120
&overlay CARNIVAL LEFT scales to 1.120 1.120

Click here to view the faults vs what it looks like with my edit:

Faults Vs Edit