Error with choice about matching brackets

Hey I keep getting this error (refer below) and I can’t seem to figure out why I keep getting this error and everything seems to be fine but ?? :sob:

The error says:
There is a { on line 2529 that does not have a matching }

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Hey, would you like to send me your script?

Yes, I’ll send you a PM

Go through each of the options under your choice line and make sure that the { has a } at the end of each option. If all of them do, add a } after the last options closing bracket.

choice “option1” {

} “option2” {


sometimes in complex choices (with choices inside a choice etc) you may have missed a final closing bracket to ‘contain’ the choice - which makes the error about the matching { } to trigger. :slight_smile:

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You can also get this message if there’s a coding error within the brackets.


Could I send you the script by PM if that’s okay with you?

Yeah I was attempting to make complex choices again but had all these errors and even now I still can’t tell what I did wrong because I did add a closing bracket :sob:

You can if you want to, but the quickest way to find an error like that is to copy the code outside of the brackets and then it’ll show which line(s) it’s having problems with.