Error with coding an outfit game


  • There is a { on line 362 that does not have a matching }

Im pretty sure i did the coding right because verything else around it is right.

Can you show screenshots of the script and/or copy & paste it here for when the choice starts and ends?

What’s below line 372?

Lol what about past line 400. I’m trying to see if you’re just missing a bracket to close all those choice numbers. Is 10 the last one?

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Sadly no. Let me look to save some time. One second

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They are all closed but here is my last outfitted

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Aside from the closing bracket on 606, do you have a closing bracket on 607 or after that? if not then add a closing bracket to 606, so it should then look like }}. That will close those number choices.

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So I tried a double bracket didn’t work a single bracket on 607 … nothing. I just don’t get it. Everything looks right

Hm… is there a way you can copy & paste the script to me in a pm? Like from the start of the choices starting with outfit number 1 all the way to line 610.