Error with if/elif/else choice with gems in it

So I wanted to my readers who have 4-5 points get the premium outfits for free while the ones who have below 4 to see gem options. When I coded that scene, it showed an error. I put down the screenshot of my script so you guys can see it. Also I erased the name of the characters due to few reasons so please refer to the character as “CHAR” or “CHARACTER”

Removed the screenshots because the problem was solved

I don’t know if this will work, but you could change the second “If” to elif in the premium choice and it could work. What else you could do is exchanging the elif to else, that might make the two if/elif/else seperate and also make the code neater


If points > 3:
Char gets the dress for free

Char has to pay for it

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It didn’t work. I just got an idea, I will try that if it doesn’t work then I need to wait for someone else with other ideas lol

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If no one else replies I can get onto my portal and figure out the code, it’s easier to see the mistake when working on it myself :slight_smile:

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Sure! Thank you so much!

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@E.Eris I used my idea and it worked! Thank you so much for trying to help! :relaxed::heartpulse:

@Sydney_H you may close this topic! Thank you!

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Great! May not have been any help but it’s great you figured it out haha

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Haha you were trying to help at least!

Closed by OP request. :smiley: