Error with Live Previewer - Help please


I’m helping out on another account, not mine. I have to fix directing, that’s why I need Live Previewer.

But I get this error: no native wasm support detected

How to solve this? Thanks in advance!


Maybe it has something to do with a browser? I’m working now in Internet Explorer. And I just saw I can’t even save changes I made.


Why can’t you save changes? Is there an Error?


No error given when I try to save. Button just don’t click.


So I would totally switch browsers. Wasm support isn’t an Episode issue it’s an overall browser issue. Means that whatever browser you’re using is an outdated version


KI switched to Opera. And Opera doesn’t even open the writer’ Portal.

Now I’m trying in Microsoft Edge. I can edit the chapter there. But not for long. When I open Live Previewer in few seconds Writer’s Portal is frozen. And after I made changes in chapter, Live Previewer doesn’t show them. :woman_facepalming:t4:

This is total disaster. I can’t believe that Writer’s Portal and Live Previewer are made only for Google Chrome!

I’m afraid to log in at google chrome with other account, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to log in to mine again. :disappointed:


As a rule of thumb, there are certain browsers you cannot use for complicated tasks (Internet Explorer is number 1 on that list). The best browser to use is Google Chrome. Sometimes Firefox will work as well.

This is more of a programming thing where it can be used. Certain browsers can only support a certain data load.


This is happening to me too. I have done everything support has told me to do from clear cache, change browser, and different computer. Nothing helps. I am unable to preview my story to see how it looks when i edit it. I have tried to put the script on a new story and same thing happens. I get a runtime error;memory access out of bounds at wasm. Someone please help.


I’m viewing the preview on my laptop


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