Error with my story
I get this error and don’t know what to do to fix it

Delete the word choice before label

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but then i get this message

Add the @ before you.

But you also need to change the word maleavatar into YOU
then i get this

If you send me a message on Instagram episode.honeyy I will help you from there.

you seem to be missing word choice above the skin tone…seems your template is kinda messed up…I recommend using the template of dara.amarie

i was using that one…

Than you probably have added or deleted something… Othervice the choice eould not be misding I also noticed for examle that you dont have @YOU but just YOU I am sure Dara has @ infont of the maleavatar or what ever is used in her template

Right before:

What does he look like?

On line 14, I would place the label; so example:

label boy_custom1

What does he look like?

Also on line 20, put the word choice.

Also as @Farah_DeSantis mentioned, you’re missing the @ commands in front of your character such as on line 61, 64, 67 they’re all missing the @ so you’d need to add that right before the YOU.
So I would just go through the code and make sure you add all the @‘s to YOU as well. So it should be @YOU changes into (whatever it’s supposed to) lol

And then let’s see lol crossing my fingers for you.