Error with Overlays

Alright so I’ve inserted overlays into my script, but they’re not following the commands. And it’s only for these specific overlays because all other overlays in the script work just fine. It pops up as a warning and says “&overlay … shifts/scales to … is not a valid directing command.” I’ve restarted my page about a hundred time and it keeps doing this. Does anyone know what I could do to fix this?

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can I see the script?

Yes, of course!

sorry about the weird circles i really suck at that :skull:

Overlay names cannot have “AND” in them because the script thinks you’re trying to use the “and” command. You’ll have to re-upload the overlay without the word “AND” (FLOUR EGGS) or use underscores instead of spaces (FLOUR_AND_EGGS)

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Thank you :heart:

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