Error with the zones

I have a problem with zones instead of the character to move to the zone with somebody they are still in the same zone

@transition fade in black 1

@YOU spot 1.096 124 86 in zone 1 AND YOU is read_sit_book_open_neutral_loop AND YOU faces right


This is not my WORK so credits to Yulya for this background thank you so much follow her on IG at @yulua.episode

@pause for a beat

@MUM stands upscreen right in zone 2 AND MUM faces left AND MUM is search_neutral

@pan to zone 2

@follow MUM to spot 1.110 263 80 in zone 1
Am I doing something wrong

which character(s) you want to move with the next character?

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NVM i found it out but I actually did not know how I did it

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