ERROR: you’ve created multiple overlays with the same script name

Ok so I don’t knows going on. I’m trying to do a mirror reflection and I always have issues with these I keep getting an error saying
Overlay animation “MIRROR 2” has been created, you’ve created multiple overlays with the same script name in your script; any animations will only apply to the most recently created one

Sooo I don’t know what the means I’ve tried removing it and when I do it just doesn’t even show up. And the opacity is set to 100%

&overlay MIRROR 2 create
&zoom reset
&overlay MIRROR 2 opacity 100% in 0
&HASLEY stands screen center AND HASLEY is idle_rear
&HASLEY stands upscreen right

I haven’t added spot directing yet. I’m just very confused. If I remove the create it says “Create overlay in stage view”

I believe that by having MIRROR 2 already with the background, you don’t need to do &overlay MIRROR 2 create, so that’s why it has that error.

But then I can’t see the overlay :confused: even when it has the opacity.

Have you tried taking out the MIRROR 2 with the background and just doing &overlay MIRROR 2 create?

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I’ll try that! Thanks

Nope not working, it says to create overlay in stage view first… I don’t know what to do

Hm, I’m not sure what else to do then. I’m not sure if this will help but try reading this thread: Placing & Animating Overlays

Nope :frowning: I don’t know at this point, if I remove the create it says to create the overlay in stage view if I have the create it shows a warning. If I don’t have opacity it just doesn’t show up. I’ve never had this issue with an overlay before. And I’ve been trying to fix it for hours… I don’t know, thank you for trying to help though!

Because u already added with Mirror2 you can’t put @overlay MIRROR2 create you gotta remove the create command

Now it says this…

Ah! Hold on, I figured out the problem. I didn’t use the correct overlay name- wow


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@Sydney_H can you close this please??

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: