Errors and more errors

I need some help


It said there is an error with this but i don’t know what to fix about it
(the one highlighted in blue )


For this one i don;t know what wrong (the (and) was capitalized it did not work so i un-capitalized it and it still not working)
also highlighted in blue

#1 - I’m not sure what you meant by that command. :thinking:
#2 - Those commands don’t like to be stacked together in one line, they should work if placed onto separate lines. :+1:

You can’t “remove” an outfit. You have to change them into another outfit.

ok what about the other one

The two characters have to change their hair on two different lines.
No AND on a chair changing line.

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@Scarlet_Sapphire already explained above.

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so if it is a mirror reflection it would still work?

Yes they will change hairstyles at the same time even if the commands are on separate lines.

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ok thanks!