Errors choices must follow dialogue immediately, not a branch

Hi everyone!
I kinda got a problem, which i cant solve.

it keep saying ‘‘errors choices must follow dialogue immediately, not a branch’’ and i have no idea how to fix it (it’s my first ever choice)

Im so sorry if i seems messy, i tried to put som dialogue in, but it still didn’t work

You would need dialogue on line 113, because a reader message doesn’t count as dialogue :sweat_smile:

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Oh that makes sense! thank u! do you have any idea what i could do instead, like get @ALICE to say the readerMessage?

I FIXED IT. or well, u kinda did. I can not thank you enough! U just saved my day, i have struggled with this choice the last hour and i was going crazy! :hearts:

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What I do is I set the speech bubble really small, so that the reader can’t see the bubble, but it will still tap. I don’t know if you get me, but I’ll give an example lol :joy:

Invisible Speechbubble Command:
@speechbubble is x y to 0%

It doesn’t really matter what the x and y coordinates are, but the 0% is important, because it makes it invisible.

I hope you understood! :heart:

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Oh right! I just gave you some tips as well for the future❤️

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Thats actually genius. What a powermove, i will totally try that instead!

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You definitely should, I do it all the time lol

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