Errors in Script please Help

If anyone can help me figure out these errors in my script I would appreciate it. There are 5 errors.

Capture.3 Capture.4 Capture.5 Capture

Remove the word stands in front of spot. @CHAR is spot is how you need to write it. And remove CHAR is spot, that is isn’t needed either.

@CHAR spot 1.280 134 567 in zone 1
@CHAR stands back left in zone 1
@CHAR stands screen left in zone 1


Thank you i’ll try it.

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Also, If you want to make all your characters appear at the same time or have your character stand in the spot when the scene starts, you can use “&” instead of “@”. :slight_smile:

thank you girls it worked. still learning this script coding :smiley:

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Hey girls, I think I messed up the layers now.

This is the correct format:

@CHARACTER spot 1.280 100 0 in zone 1 at layer 1

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You can also do @CHARACTER spot spotnumberhere AND CHARACTER moves to layer #

(# would be your number.)

I fixed it but it still shows there is and error

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You don’t need to capitalize layer. :slight_smile:

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REALLY??? something as simple as that is fixed…I still have a lot to learn. Thax :slight_smile:

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Well if you ever need anymore help, let me know!! :slight_smile:

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Im trying to make both of my characters walk in from the left side of the screen and walk to a ceratin spot. Whatt am i doing wrong?

Remove the word “screen” and remove the zone

@ CHRISTINE enters from screen left to spot 0.965 125 100 in zone 1
@ LACEY enters from screen left to spot 0.965 52 97 in zone 1

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Thank you Dara it worked :slight_smile:

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I am doing 3 choices and I’m not sure what i messed up with these choices? I inputed my choices but after the choice try something else it doesn’t go back to the choices…

Can you post the whole choice script? :slight_smile:

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My issue is when I choose a choice and i choose to go back to select something else it doesn’t give my the other two options


I don’t really know much about choices, but I believe it’s because you have nothing after “I’ll try something else.” So, it automatically go’s to the end. :slight_smile:

At the very beginning put a label and then have it go to the label.

label dressing_game
#the choice script here
“Wear this!” (
“I’ll try something else.”
goto dressing_game
@CHRISTINE is idle_happy

Again, I’m not completely sure since I’m kind of new to choices.