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So as some people know I have been working on a few stories now all started but working on them slowly. One of them wasn’t going to be a story and was meant for practising but as I kept messing around it has become and escape the room type of game, the issue is it has no storyline.

So I was thinking of making some sort of zombie type escape game but trying to turn limelight characters to zombies is hard and doesn’t look very good.
This is what they look like when I attempted to make them look like some type of zombie creature
which I feel none of them work really

So I have has another thought using the glitch that allows you to use all art types of characters it would be possible to use characters from classic, INK and limelight.

So what about an escape story where you have been captured by someone who is trying to eliminate everyone from Epi world (episode world) first they are changed from limelight to INK then from INK to classic and finally eliminating them all together :joy: the characters would have the same hair colour and skin colour but would be changing art styles?

I have no idea lol what do you guys think and has anyone got any suggestions?

just for a note for zombies, I would be using one of the ask skin colours for LL. there is many different so you could use different ones

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For limelight zombies/monsters I recommend ash skin tones. Also, setting every face feature to ‘none’ makes them faceless and that looks pretty creepy in my opinion :grimacing: There are also some bruises and scars and a few bloody clothes as well :slight_smile:

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