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Scenario-Based Roleplay


This is a roleplay, but I would consider it generally different than others. The story is centered around descisions and other things we plan. It is in a set world and such, but everything else is mostly ‘on-the-go.’ Kind of like a writing prompt, but made into a Roleplay.

In Escape , the first thing you do is…well, escape from an unknown location. Your characters know (or may not know) they have powers.

Everything after that will be unscripted, so the possibilities are endless.

And don’t worry, I know this may sound like complete chaos at first, but we’ll plan to make sure ‘Plot Overlapping’ or something like that doesn’t happen.

If you’d like to join, there will be a PM to explain everything. But before I explain anything else, I just want to say, this will be a PMRP, which means The entire ‘journey’ will be in an RP.

Also, right now, for management reasons and simplicity, there will likely be 3-4 Roleplayers in each PMRP Max…

NOTE - I posted this on the ‘New Ideas’ Thread, but this is the ‘Sign-Up’ Thread version of it. If you are interested in joining, or might be, but have more questions, comment below and I’ll add you to the PM that has been set up.


I’m very interested!


I dont understand but It sounds intresting


Are you guys interested


I’m interested.


Okay. I’ve added you to the Planning PM.


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Are you interested in a… rp?


Mmmmm I’ll let someone else go I’m in a lot of rps at the moment hahaha.


Ok, i understand good luck :smirk:


Hahaha thanks!


i’m interested, can i join this?


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May I take part of this if its still available?