Escape Room- Rp- Sign Ups!



Yes. Did you fill out an application?


Not yet. I will in a few minutes though


Okay :slight_smile:


I signed up! Also,



Reserve for a female participant! :slight_smile:

also, this is based on the movie No Escape Room, isn’t it? Cuz I find the plot quite similar :thinking:


Yes ma’am :slight_smile:
Did you fill out an applications?
Sorry for the late response, i was at school


Tag your friends :wink:


I’ll send it in one of my group chats


Okay! :slight_smile:


I don’t think this is going to happen… everyone on forums are more interested in High School RP than anything else. Idk… probably won’t happen, but I’ll give this RP a few more days.



I hope some other people join, I’d rather have a more unique rp to be in


I filled out the form :grin:

Edit: @riahh30 can I redo my response I just filled please


Just submit another one, and to be clear, you DO NOT want me to keep the first one you submitted?


No please I’ll redo another one and thank you




What is your characters name?


Giselle LeeAnn Register


The faceclaims have been updated!


How many spots r opened?