Escape the Virtual World RP 🌍 Official RP

You were invited to beta test out a new virtual reality game. The invite said:
”Please come to Ace gaming studios in London. Be ready for the adventure of your life.

On the first day of the test, you discovered the logout button is missing now you must work with the other testers to escape. the only announcement game wide was ”win the game or die. The first race to complete the game gets a special prize as a reward”

Starvenia is the name of the game world. Starvenia is a floating world with many different floors is protected by a boss monster.

The world is made up of 4 main species/races:
Elves - the best magic users around.
Dragons - love gold and treasure. They can either look human or as a giant dragon. Great hunters
Humans - weak magic but are a better swordsman than the other species
Demi-humans (half-human / half-animal spirit) - disregarded by the others seen as weaker and not given many lawful jobs. They are often left to become criminals or crafters like blacksmiths or tailors ( make the clothes)
There are some hybrids too. Though they are rare and hated worse than Demi-humans. (message me before making one)

The long-lived elves are children of nature. Thought to of been the first creatures of Starvenia. Elves value their privacy and traditions, and while they are often slow to make friends, at both the personal and national levels, once an outsider is accepted as a comrade, such alliances last for generations. elves that spend their lives among the short-lived races, on the other hand, often develop a skewed perception of mortality, the result of watching wave after wave of companions age and die before their eyes. they have very strong magic powers. Unable to control or create fire with magic. They can’t create any of the 4 base elements they can only control what is around. Each elf has a different level of skill when it comes to controlling the of 3 elements. (assigned randomly by the creator of the RP) The elves have a strong belief that all life is sacred. They care about all life even their enemies or animals they hunt. Elves can’t stand Dragons as they don’t care about preserving the balance of nature.

Dragons are generally like to live in large family groups with women at the top of the clans, as there are so few women dragons. (5 men 1 woman). Some dragons prefer to be loners and live surrounded by their treasure horde. Dragons are very aggressive. They don’t care about life. They can breathe fire and will kill anything they feel has crossed them.

Demi-humans have a mysterious beginning. They suddenly appeared on a day out of nowhere. half-human and half-animal spirit. They came in all different forms. Bird demi-humans are rare. demi-humans tend to stay away from the big settlements.

Humans are the weakest out of the 4 species. They make up for what they lack in their determination and ability to adapt to their surroundings fast then the others. They are also the best sword fighters. They tend to live in large towns filled with mainly humans. They are very welcoming of different lifestyles. They don’t remember why they hate demi-humans so much. They have the shortest life span in this world so for them the start of the hate has been lost to he history books.


Monster List

Playable characters:

Developers (message me - they are important to the plot)
AI (artificial intelligence)
Races are a signed randomly.

Character limit 2 characters of the same race and none of the nemesis race.

*Elves hate dragons *
Dragons hate elves
*Demi-humans are neutral as they are treated badly by the other species. Though humans treat them the worse. *
Humans hate Demi-humans as they are ”abominations”.

If you have an elf no dragon characters
If you have a dragon on elves
If you have a human no demi-human characters.

**Hybrids don’t count to the limit. Any combination of species is allowed **


Blacksmith/ tailor (Craftsman)

Occupations explained

Hunters- best at long-range fighting. They are typically are weaker at fighting at close range. Weapons commonly used are bows, crossbow, spears, tridents

Thief - quick and agile. Sneaky. Good at deception. Tend to mainly use knives and Daggers

Mage - people able to use the natural magic in the air around them. Elves have a better capacity to control the magic. Followed by dragons, the demi-humans and in the last place is humans. Elven mages tend to stick with the base elements of magic. Dragons tend to stick with fire magic. With what humans and demi-humans lack in control of magic they make up for it with there adaptability with controlling the more obscure magic elements. ( light, shadows, animal, spirit) ( base element is randomly picked by the creator for each mage. If you have a specific plan for your character let me know in a PM)

Swordsman- good at close range combat. Their styles of fighting vary from person to person. Elven swordsmen tend to be more reserved and will study opponents before going in for the killing blow.

Craftsman- strong. Well built.Very creative. They will often try to overpower their opponents with their strength. Very flexible both physically and mentally.

battles - how they work in this rp

Monster fights

The monster will appear and you will be give 3 options on what your first move is.
You right a post about your choice and what you do from there.

If in a group each person will be given an option for what to do. The attack order will be picked at random.

At least to replies before the monster dies. For each monster attack you will be given move ideas. It’s up to you after the first attack if you go with them.

One you have done your move the monster will go. Make sure to post within 24 hours (3 days real time) of the encounter or you die.

Player vs player

You decide who attacks first. You write the first move then the other person writes their own move. Reply with 24 hours or the player dies. It’s up to you if it’s a deathmatch or training.

If you want me to decide who wins that’s fine too.


Fire tornado- a spell that all non-Elven mages know how to do as a first spell. It conjures a tornado of fire.(fire mages starting spell/ Dragon can use in their Dragon form)

grass net - basic spell of Elven mages. It creates a net mage out of grass on a target.(Earth Elf mage staring spell)

Whirlwind- a spell for elves in general, creates a whirlwind that can move, however takes a lot of effort. It can pick things up or slow a falling person down, but not stop the descent? An advanced spell. With practice of magic control this spell is able to be used by elves as they are less likely to be drained completely by its use. (takes time get the spell. to get it faster with 3 + monster encounters)

Nova healing - a light magic basic spell that heals all simple wounds (light mages only staring spell)

Shadow net - a dark magic basic spell. Like Grass net but uses a person’s shadow trap them. (dark mage starting spell)

For spell go Here

open to spell ideas please PM me your ideas or post on the sign-up

Start of the rp

All players will have little to know skill unless they have specific knowledge of their weapons in ‘Real life’. None of they player will be good at magic.

Training is required for all skills in Starvenia

All Players have 2 lives before final death. Death match kills between players count to the life count

*Monster kills will reward you with something different that relates to your occupation. *
all players have a stamina count off 100 at the start of the game. Certain choices/spells will make that score go lower.

Each race starts Starvenia in a different location. For the first floor you have to make your way to the other side of the map. There are many routes and monsters on the way.

Watch out for the AI’s they may help.

any ideas on rules on changes let me know in a PM


  1. Always write the name and location of your character at the start of the post.

  2. No random orps. Add them to a post, please! Let’s keep this tidy.

  3. Use grammar at all times. The only exception is orps.

  4. General roleplay rules apply.

  5. This will start when we have enough characters for it to run properly.

  6. Fights between characters is fine, but not between us!

  7. FC’s don’t have to be real people for the virtual world

  8. Let me know if you are going to be away for more that 2 days

  9. Try and right at least 5 sentences.

  10. No 1 liners

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Monster partners


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Have fun :slight_smile: Be the first to make it to the top floor of Starvenia


NPC - Nova Smith // Ace Gaming Virtual Reality Lab // with Everyone in the Real World

Nova Smith walked into the centre of the control room. The room had a large number of screens on the far wall. In front of the screens where a collection of at least 25 computers. There was also a number of developers typing away on them. All the beta testers were stood around the room. Each from what Nova could tell was excited except Elliot. That was to be expected after how the first test went during its 6-month run. Nova hoped that all the bugs from last time were fixed for Elliot’s sake. They couldn’t find out what happened to that missing tester. Her body was still being closely monitored and fed vital nutrients through an IV. They couldn’t find her avatar in the game. Nova suspected foul play at the time but couldn’t find any evidence of that in the coding. The only way to be sure was to send someone in to look for her. Her body is pretty weak in this world. There is no telling what she will be like if she is even in the game. Elliott was the grumpy one leaning again window by himself. Nova glanced his way to see how he was doing. Elliot refuses to speak to him or his father after the alpha test ended 18 months ago. Nova took a deep breath before addressing the testers.

”Welcome to Ace Gaming studios VR testing laboratory. My name is Nova Smith, I am the president of Ace Gaming. Thank you for coming and agreeing to be our beta testers. This game is very important to me. I hope you all enjoy your time in the game. If you see any issues with it please let us know after you leave the game.” Nova paused for a breath. ”though door behind me on the right is all the testing bays for the lovely women amongst us. The door behind me to the left if for the gentleman. The door behind me is for none non-binary people. Each of you has your own room that has been decorated to suit you and your style.”

There was silence amongst the tester. Nova was thinking they were just taking in what he said. The silence was still there after a minute. Nova decided to break the silence. ”if there aren’t any questions then you are free to go see your rooms. Just find the room with your name on it”

Elliott ’Eli’ Manning // Ace Gaming Virtual Reality Lab // with Everyone in the Real World

God, Nova is saying the same speech again. I am only here to find my friend White Dragon. I wish I knew her real name. It would make my search easier. I am thankful that. Nova is letting me be a musician outright this time. I wonder if it will start with the weapons Red Rose and Blackwood. Probably not they were a reward for getting the killing blow on the level 3 boss. It just depends if my character data was reset. I would be overpowered for the first 4 levels. No one made it past level 5 on the last test. I wonder if anyone will be able to complete the game this time around.

Will White Dragon even remember me if I saw her again? I want to get to know my fellow beta testers but I really want to see White Dragon. I grabbed my lucky coin from my black skinny jeans. Heads I stay and listen to people’s questions, tails I go to my testing room and do my before VR routine. Eli flipped the coin into the air and prepared to catch the coin. While he flipped the coin he wasn’t expecting someone to ask about the headset. It threw him of guard me missed the coin the first time. He flipped it again and it was…


Yuki Wiliams // Ace Gaming Virtual Reality Lab // with Everyone in the Real World

Listening to the introduction of the test was nice. The room was silent for a while. I didn’t have any questions so I stayed quiet. I was really excited about being a part of the test. The room was filled with people I didn’t know. The boy leaning on the window Is least excited looking person in the room. I’m more interested in the landscapes than the actual gameplay. that’s probably more of the artist in me than the gamer.

More time had passed and there was still an awkward silence in the room. It was a good thing I thought of a question for Nova. ”I heard the headsets are different from traditional VR headsets. Is it true” I asked. Nova smirked at me before answering my question. ”the headsets are essentially the same as others or at least they are on the outside. The headset are designed to full make your brain think your virtual body is your real one. Only in VR you don’t feel pain. Each room has its own bed for you to lie down on.” I glanced back at the boy at the window, he seemed to take a sigh of relief. I stayed to listen to any more possible questions. I move my attention back to Nova.



Iris Blane//Ace Gaming Virtual Reality Lab// with everyone in the Real World

I couldn’t help but have that stupid smile stuck on my face as my eyes scanned the room. I wish I could pretend that I wasn’t impressed… but my cheshire grin had already given it away. I listened in on the questions, nodding every once in a while at their answers. To be honest, I wasn’t paying attention but instead making mental notes of everyone else. One person in particular stood out. Maybe they didn’t want to be here I thought. Well luckily I Do. Anything that wouldn’t include my father’s goons would be heavenly to me and I’d take it in a heartbeat.



Taylor/in the real world

Taylor stood straight, paying close attention to the speaker in case they dropped any hints. Disappointed at the lack of info, she turned and started walking to the nearest person. If the developers weren 't giving any hints, she may as well make some allies. She headed towards the boy that nova kept glancing at, automatically assuming that he was somehow important, therefore a good person to have on her side.



Elliott ’Eli’ Manning // Virtual Reality Lab

Eli managed to catch the coin this time. The looked at the coin and it was tails. All Eli wanted to do now was head to his room and prepare to ’drive’ into the game. He looked up to see a female tester come towards him. Part of him wondered why she was coming over to him. The other part of him thought what part of her thought anything about him staying by the window alone give her the indication he was up for talking right now.

Eli first person

The gamer coming towards me made me wonder what White Dragon looked like in real life. Despite asking Nova repeatedly if I could see her in the medical center. The gamer had curly brown hair and oddly enticing eyes. They made me want to figure out what lies behind them. Maybe she wants to be allies in the Game. The last ally I had is trapped in the game and I don’t want to go through this again. Maybe can keep my discomfort about it to myself. Or she thinks I have insight on the game. Which I do about the Alpha Test but I can’t possibly know what changes they made in the last 18 months. Though I could give her some of the insights into the character system if that is what she wants. Allies aren’t what I want right now. My main priority is finding White Dragon not completing the game.

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Veronica woke up because of her stupid alarm clock. She heard it beeping and pressed the snooze button. She stretched and took a long time before getting up from her bed. She wore her slippers and moved to the curtains beside her bed. It was really bright and the sun was blinding her eyes. She closed the curtains, showered and dressed up for the day.


She felt hungry and she went to get some food. She went downstairs to the kitchen and made some pancakes. She sat down waiting for the pancakes to cook.




As Taylor got closer, she noticed an irritated look that they gamer was giving her. This annoyed her, and so she started walking more purposefully, hoping to impose her character as a force to be reckoned with. She didn’t even want an ally now, just a friend to mess around with. She started thinking about how to introduce herself and also get to the point without scaring him off. She was a mere 7 steps away now, and ever gaining. She quickly pasted a smile on her face and at the same moment thought ‘improv, Taylor, make it work’. She wasn’t a gamer, far from it but she was looking forward to this all the same. A world where she had magic! Imagine it, the easyness of everyday problem. She smirked and it was at that pre code moment that her shoe took the opportunity to slide on a piece of paper, only just managed to stop herself from falling into him. Oops.
She righted herself and made an attempt at a meal wave “Hi, I’m Taylor!” She said slowly - people always liked the shy ones, she told herself. Promptly deciding that liking shy people was stupid, and that pushover were stupid. But her thoughts were running away from her, so she focussed her eyes on the person she was talking to.

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Eli // with Taylor // VR Lab

The gamer started walking towards me in a more aggressive manner. When she was in front of me her shy greeting was a contradiction to the way she was just walking towards me. ”Hi, Taylor. My name is Elliott. My friends call me Eli.” I said pleasantries aren’t really my thing at least in the real world, VR is different I can portray myself anyway I want to. I’d rather be elsewhere right now. I took a breath to calm my thoughts for a second so I could focus on the conversation. ”Can I help you with something?” I said, trying not to come off as annoyed even though I was. I don’t know what Race will be so I may have to work with for a few levels. My thoughts drifted back to the Alpha test. I wonder if they really fixed the problem with the pain sensors. Many of the testers last time changed by the fact the pain was really felt by our bodies in this world. Hell, I’m scared to die this time around because character deaths felt like you where having a heart attack when you where forced out of VR.

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Listening to Nova introduce the game exhilarated Mae and reminded her why she was here in the first place. This experience was going to be amazing. Once she heard other testers start asking questions, she headed for the refreshment table. She didn’t want to waste too much time out here when she could be in her testing room preparing. She poured herself some water and leaned back against the table. As Mae took a sip, she scanned the room with her eyes. She took a breath and pouted. She did really want to make friends, and allies would be advantageous. Her testing room would still be waiting for her. It’s not like she would be able to start the game any sooner than the rest of the testers.

Christian was amusing himself with his cufflink as Nova introduced the game. It was exciting and all, but the formalities were so boring. He heard a voice from the crowd pipe up and he raised his head. He smirked and checked her out as she asked a question. Something about headsets. He ran his fingers through his hair and contemplated approaching her. He knew he often came across badly at first, and making enemies is not what he wanted to do. At least before the game starts, that is. Maybe he wouldn’t mess things up too bad, though. He puffed his chest and walked across the room to her.
“Hey, you excited?” He spoke just loud enough for her to hear him and tried his best to keep a smile. He needed allies.


Iris Blane// With everyone else

I glanced around the room once again, slightly suprised that people were beginning to move towards eachother.
" Shit did I zone out again? " I mumbled. Well seems like I did. And in the worst time possible. I was supposed to be getting to know the other testers, not blanking out! I looked over to see that someone had already approached Mr Grumpy.
‘Yes, she did the hard part for me!’ My mind practically celebrated as I headed over to the two, making sure to look friendly.
My father always told me it was easier to talk to two. Because if one person didn’t like you, maybe the other would. And one friend is better than none, right?
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Yuki Williams // VR Lab // with Christian Rodrigo

A male voice surprised Yuki. She wasn’t expecting to talk to someone outside the VR world. She was hoping to keep to herself and just scrape though the game after someone else defeats the bosses. She was personally by Nova to help him with this she jumped at the chance. To be honest Yuki always wanted to be a landscape designer for games like this. This was great to see where she will stand with other artist is great for Yuki at least that’s what she told herself. ”I am a bit. What’s about you?” she asked.

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River || Real World

I was so excited to be a beta tester, I mean I’ve done it hundreds of times before but, I had a feeling this time would be different. This game was different. And from the sounds, if the presentation, I have no idea what’s going to happen. This game was all anyone was talking about for months. Eventually, I walked to my ‘room’ and I was stunned. It reminded me a lot of my room back home. “They really aimed to impress?”


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UNKNOWN // Real World //

I stood in amongst the development staff that were surrounding the various computers. No one thought anything of me being here and why would they. After all, I am an important person in Nova. They wouldn’t want to make him mad. I kept looking over the testers and the returning alpha tester Elliott. Some in the group showed some promise. Though I don’t get why Elliott is back, he swore out many of the staff when they asked him about the pain systems. He was one of the tester most effected by it. The other is in the medical center, by my design. I chuckled to myself. Luckily for me, someone nearby told a ”funny” joke. I don’t feel bad for tricking these ’tester’ for my own purposes. Elliott, maybe I feel a bit bad after last time but he made his decision to come back.


Taylor/in the real world with everyone

Taylor listened to Eli’s answer and thought carefully about her next words - she couldn’t afford to muck this up, she needed allies. Can I help you with something? “Well…” She started, trying to think how to phrase it. “You could smile, I guess…” Oh. My. God. She thought as she spiritually slapped herself. I did not just say that. She spotted someone out of the corner of her eye, they looked cheerful. Too cheerful… Nevertheless, she was glad that someone was coming over. She didn’t want to be stuck trying to make conversation all day. She beckoned them over.

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Eli // Taylor // VR Lab

Really she came over here just to say that. I thought to myself, I felt myself roll my eyes are her comment. Oh God now she invites someone else to talk to us. ”Did she have to do that? I just want to do my dive prep” I thought to myself. Judging by the look on her face I probably thought aloud. I really don’t want to be here. I just want to get this conversation other with so I can save White Dragon ASAP. ” Look, Miss?, Can you ask me your question already. I would like to get ready for the Game.” I asked in the politest way possible for me. I am not normally this standoffish, I am typically more the quite relaxed type, the whole go into a place I colourfully swore out a lot of the people acting as the go-between testers and developers. My last experience scares me still.

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Iris Blane// With Taylor & Eli

I felt my smile widen as one of them beckoned for me to come over. Finally a chance to make a friend, I thought as I stopped infront of them. Taking a final gance at the two, I introduced myself the only casual way I knew how.
“Hey there! Name’s Iris. And no I do not like to be remembered by the flower, but the colour in our eyes instead. More interesting don’t ya think?”
I question as I stuff my hands in the front pockets of my jeans. My smile’s vanished now and is replaced by what I hope looks like a thoughtful face, for all I know with my intimidating looks I could be showing the expression of a psychopath. Yeah lets hope I look friendly for once in my lifetime.




Veronica was bored and didn’t have anything to do. She went to her room to shower and change into comfy clothes.



She took her drawing book and started drawing random things.



She got tired and decided to go to the lab and socialize.




Quinn paid attention to everything Nova said. She was excited to be a beta tester for the new game and was keen on making new friends. She looked round the room and saw several computers and developers working.

When Nova was done he saw people go off and talk to each other. She was excited so she stood and brought out her phone. She called her mom and of course she didn’t want anyone to listen to their conversation, so, she spoke in Spanish. ‘¡Hola mamá! Estoy en el centro y estoy bien. Sí. No mamá, no he comido nada y no tengo hambre,’ she said.‘Todavía no he comenzado a probar el juego, mamá. Cuando esté por comenzar, te llamaré. ¡Sí! Adiós y gracias!’ she said smiling and hanging up the phone.





River || Real World

I left my room and decided to make some allies. I looked around until I saw one girl stood on her own, she was wearing a grey hoodie and greyish black jean shorts. I casually walked up to her to start a conversation. “Hi, I’m River. You a beta tester as well?” I leaned up against the wall, trying to zone out of everyone elses conversations.


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Eli // Taylor and Iris // VR Lab

“Hey there! Name’s Iris. And no I do not like to be remembered by the flower, but the colour in our eyes instead. More interesting don’t ya think?” Iris seemed to be trying to force herself to be friendly. If I could I would be somewhere else right now, I would be. What to do? stay here and have the conversation I don’t want right now or be rude and run away? “What would Father do in this situation?” I thought to myself. Father would signal a close friend and get use them as a way out of an unwanted conversation. Most of the time Fathers uses this method with Mother or his ‘girlfriends’. Mother and Father have a polyamorous relationship. It not my things having multiple partner join in the committed relationship, Its their choice how to live their lives. I tired to give Nova the signal I have seen Father give him many times. Nova wasn’t looking this way mich to my dismay. I guess I will just have to have this conversation and wait for Nova to be looking this way, I decided to let the orignal Girl to talk first as she invited Iris over here in the first place.

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