Escape the virtual world 🌍 RP/SG Sign-ups and General Chat

You were invited to beta test out a new virtual reality game. The invite said:
”Please come to Ace gaming studios in London. Be ready for the adventure of your life. Can

On the first day of the test, you discovered the logout button is missing now you must work with the other testers to escape. the only announcement game wide was ”win the game or die. The first race to complete the game gets a special prize as a reward”

Starvenia is the name of the game world. Starvenia is a floating world with many different floors is protected by a boss monster.

The world is made up of 4 main species/races:
Elves - the best magic users around.
Dragons - love gold and treasure. They can either look human or as a giant dragon. Great hunters
Humans - weak magic but are a better swordsman than the other species
Demi-humans (half-human / half-animal spirit) - disregarded by the others seen as weaker and not given many lawful jobs. They are often left to become criminals or crafters like blacksmiths or tailors ( make the clothes)
There are some hybrids too. Though they are rare and hated worse than Demi-humans. (message me before making one)

The long-lived elves are children of nature. Thought to of been the first creatures of Starvenia. Elves value their privacy and traditions, and while they are often slow to make friends, at both the personal and national levels, once an outsider is accepted as a comrade, such alliances last for generations. elves that spend their lives among the short-lived races, on the other hand, often develop a skewed perception of mortality, the result of watching wave after wave of companions age and die before their eyes. they have very strong magic powers. Unable to control or create fire with magic. They can’t create any of the 4 base elements they can only control what is around. Each elf has a different level of skill when it comes to controlling the of 3 elements. (assigned randomly by the creator of the RP) The elves have a strong belief that all life is sacred. They care about all life even their enemies or animals they hunt. Elves can’t stand Dragons as they don’t care about preserving the balance of nature.

Dragons are generally like to live in large family groups with women at the top of the clans, as there are so few woman dragons. (5 men 1 woman). Some dragons prefer to be loners and live surrounded by their treasure horde. Dragons are very aggressive. They don’t care about life. They can breathe fire and will kill anything they feel has crossed them.

Demi-humans have a mysterious beginning. They suddenly appeared on a day out of nowhere. half-human and half-animal spirit. They came in all different forms. Bird demi-humans are rare. demi-humans tend to stay away from the big settlements.


Giant bears - bigger than real-life bears. More deadly too. Weakness behind the ears
Unicorns ( not the nice and gentle kind. They have a taste for blood) - they tend to come out a night to hunt. Weakness light not light from a fire.
Ice snakes - sneaky little buggers. Vary in size. Weakness fire :fire:

{May add more later on in the RP}

Playable characters:

Developers (message me - they are important to the plot)
Hybrid - (If possible I would like them to all be different)
AI (artificial intelligence) - (only 1 maybe 2. message me there is a particular side story for the AI)

Character limit 2 characters of the same race and none of the nemesis race.

*Elves hate dragons *
Dragons hate elves
*Demi-humans are neutral as they are treated badly by the other species. Though humans treat them the worse. *
Humans hate Demi-humans as they are ”abominations”.

If you have an elf no dragon characters
If you have a dragon on elves
If you have a human no demi-human characters.

**Hybrids don’t count to the limit. Any combination of species is allowed **


Blacksmith/ tailor (Craftsman)

Occupations explained

Hunters- best at long-range fighting. They are typically are weaker at fighting at close range. Weapons commonly used are bows, crossbow, spears, tridents

Thief - quick and agile. Sneaky. Good at deception. Tend to mainly use knives and Daggers

Mage - people able to use the natural magic in the air around them. Elves have a better capacity to control the magic. Followed by dragons, the demi-humans and in the last place is humans. Elven mages tend to stick with the base elements of magic. Dragons tend to stick with fire magic. With what humans and demi-humans lack in control of magic they make up for it with there adaptability with controlling the more obscure magic elements. ( light, shadows, animal, spirit) ( base element is randomly picked by the creator for each mage. If you have a specific plan for your character let me know in a PM)

Swordsman- good at close range combat. Their styles of fighting vary from person to person. Elven swordsmen tend to be more reserved and will study opponents before going in for the killing blow.

Craftsman- strong. Well built.Very creative. They will often try to overpower their opponents with their strength. Very flexible both physically and mentally.


battles - how they work in this rp

Monster fights

The monster will appear and you will be give 3 options on what your first move is.
You right a post about your choice and what you do from there.

If in a group each person will be given an option for what to do. The attack order will be picked at random.

At least to replies before the monster dies. For each monster attack you will be given move ideas. It’s up to you after the first attack if you go with them.

One you have done your move the monster will go. Make sure to post within 24 hours of the encounter or you die.

Player vs player

You decide who attacks first. You write the first move then the other person writes their own move. Reply with 24 hours or the player dies. It’s up to you if it’s a deathmatch or training.

If you want me to decide who wins that’s fine too.



Fire tornado- a spell that all non-Elven mages know how to do as a first spell. It conjures a tornado of fire (fire mages starting spell/ Dragon can use in their Dragon form)

Grass net - basic spell of Elven mages. It creates a net made out of grass on a target. (Earth Elf mage staring spell)

Whirlwind- a spell for elves in general, creates a whirlwind that can move, however takes a lot of effort. It can pick things up or slow a falling person down, but not stop the descent? An advanced spell. With practice of magic control this spell is able to be used by elves as they are less likely to be drained completely by its use. (takes time get the spell. to get it faster with 3 + monster encounters)

Nova healing - a light magic basic spell that heals all simple wounds (light mages only staring spell)

Shadow net - a dark magic basic spell. Like Grass net but uses a person’s shadow trap them. (dark mage starting spell)

Waft- an advanced water spell for all creatures. This is when the user enhances the condensation/water in the air and liquefy it, making a floating bubble. The bubble won’t be able to resist the wind, and will follow a current if the current is strong enough. Very hard to control, and isn’t easy to come back down again.

Sober stream - Allows the caster to slow water down - example if they were in a river they could make the water around them stop moving so that they could get out. Does not work against gravity so no stopping waterfalls. (high level water spell)

Air antics - Has the ability to move air around/create a wind. Can be used to move small items.

Stargazer - Allows the caster to temporarily see in the dark. Vision will be blurry unless the caster is above personal level 6. To share with others, the caster won’t be able to see.

Orb - Light magic spell. Conjures a bright glowing orb, burns anyone who touches it apart from the conjurer, can be moved with magic but doesn’t have to be. Level 2 or higher mage

Flamethrower - Conjuring fire spell, conjures 3 fire balls at a time, they will move where the staff was pointing when conjured, will not break or stop moving until they have taken 10hp each. Fast moving battle spell. Level 3 or higher Fire mage or dragon

Steam dream - Creates heat to evaporate water from a wet surface. Doesn’t work for large quantities of liquids

open to spell ideas

Start of the rp

All players will have little to know skill unless they have specific knowledge of their weapons in ‘Real life’. None of they player will be good at magic.

Training is required for all skills in Starvenia

*All Players have 2 lives before final death. Death match kills between players count to the life count. *

*Monster kills will reward you with something different that relates to your occupation. *
*all players have a stamina count off 100 at the start of the game. Certain choices/spells will make that score go lower. *

*Each race starts Starvenia in a different location. For the first floor you have to make your way to the centre of the map. There are many routes and monsters on the way. *

*Watch out for the AI’s they may help. *

any ideas on rules on changes let me know


  1. Always write the name and location of your character at the start of the post.

  2. No random orps. Add them to a post, please! Let’s keep this tidy.

  3. Use grammar at all times. The only exception is orps.

  4. General roleplay rules apply.

  5. This will start when we have enough characters for it to run properly.

  6. Fights between characters is fine, but not between us!

  7. FC’s don’t have to be real people for the virtual world

  8. Let me know if you are going to be away for more that 2 days

reserve first please

have fun :slight_smile: be the first to make it to the top floor of Starvenia


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A dragon mage


I decided, finally! Elf, human and hybrid mix of elf and dragon


I have a plan in line for your hybrid will pm you




Whirlwind- a spell for elves in general, creates a whirlwind that can move, however takes a lot of effort. It can pick things up or slow a falling person down, but not stop the descent