ESM is having a contest


So we are having a contest for a cover for we are gonna use whoever wins gets featured in our story
Good luck it ends on Friday, April 20th 2018 Eastern Time


I will have one for you by tomorrow


can you pm me the title and chacters ect. ?




Here’s my entry, it’s the exact dimensions of a small cover, but i could make it into to a large one if you guys would like and I could also tweak it or create a complete new one if you hate it :joy: I made it at 2 am so it’s probably not too great, hope you enjoy it though!
thanks loves,
Miss_LK :heart:


We are cutting the contest dead line so tge contest is over … @Miss_LK you won plz pm me ur character details thx and have a great day


oh my gosh thanks :blush::blush: I will