🌟 ESM ( plz join )


We need:
Beta readers
Social media managers
Story Planners
Character Designer
Plz confirm if you want to be an administrator or one of these role thx and have a great day !!!

Join my new group called EpisodeLoveQueens
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We need more members for EpisodeLoveQueens
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Hi there! I can help with writing and planning, but I am horrible at choosing topics. I am pretty new to writing on Episode, but if you want I will definitely try to help as much as I can! :slight_smile:


Okie, I would like to be a coder, character designer, and artist. If that’s too much, then that’s fine. :slight_smile:


I can help with writing , planning the story and handling social media accounts - facebook, instagram or whatever else you want.


Ok yall go to this link. https://discord.gg/c2Nh7aM thx have a great day


I can be a coder if you still want one!


Yes go to this link https://discord.gg/c2Nh7aM


I have a new group called episode story makers we need the following Writers :pencil2:
Social Media ManagersπŸ“±
Director :clapper:
Artist :paintbrush:
Beta readersπŸ“–
Story plannersπŸ“š
Character designer :woman:

if interested please feel free to join https://discord.gg/DkFcSmS thank you and have a good day


Hey! Can I be the writer? I have got a couple of awesome stories which are interesting


Yes. Go to this link plz https://discord.gg/DkFcSmS


Is this group still active? Can I be a character designer?


Yes it is and u can


@Chloe_LeAnn_Wilfawn I’ve sent you a PM. Please reply. :slight_smile:




I didnt get it


I’d love to be a writer for your group if you’re ok with that.


Yes thats perfectly fine with me


Will there be another writer?


I think so here go to this link