Essentia //RP\\ Signups

Since the creation of the world, little creatures have been roaming around. Invisible to the average human eye. These creatures are called Spirits, and are the essence, the soul of the world around them. They bond with a human, granting them odd powers to help both parties survive. They say most of them have gone extinct by now.

Now, they are just a myth

You all work at “Essentia Books and Cafe”, a rather popular bookstore and cafe, often used for events and a hang out spot. They are also well known for having books about these Spirits of Myth. You, like everyone else, have never seen a spirit and (probably) don’t believe in them. Until one day.

A Spirit runs into you, begging for help. They declare they had just escaped and are seeking help. Utterly surprised, you continue to work with the peculiar creatures following behind. You arrive to find several of your coworkers also have a spirit floating with them.

And that your manager may have not told you everything about the bookstore; He hired you for a reason and it isn’t about books.

Welcome to the Essentia Books and Cafe staff! In this roleplay you will have to have a minimum of 2 characters. One Human, and One Spirit. For the human characters, you’ll be choosing an FC as usual but for the Spirits I’ll try to draw everyone’s spirits in my very cartoony art style. Just for fun. For this reason, you can only have a max of 6 characters (3 Humans and 3 Spirits), as of right now. The human characters will be 16+, meaning you can have a character as old as 100 if you wish to try something new. The Spirit characters are ageless so no need to worry about that.

There are 9 types of spirits: Water, Fire, Plant, Earth, Aero, Dark, Mind, Tech and Time.

Very important note: The Spirit(s) you make will be assigned/bonded to a different human then the one you created. Also, the Spirits have a specific color scheme based off of the type of spirit that they are.

Important Links

Sign Up Form

Faceclaims (Up to Date as of 10/18/2019)

Important Spirit Information

Rules of Sign Ups

  1. You must use the form to sign up. Any character’s submitted on this thread will be lost. Sorry!

  2. No Mary Sues/Gary Stu’s!

  3. No Two people can have the same name or faceclaim (unless it’s a character choice.)

  4. Can have a max of 6 characters (Three Humans and Three Spirits)

  5. For every human character you want to make, you must make a spirit. And Vice Versa

  6. Even though I probably won’t, I reserve the right to deny a sign up or ask you to change something. Sorry.

Here’s all the questions from the form that you have to fill out (Excluding all the designing your spirit stuff) (because I know it’s useful to type it all out on a separate doc and paste it. But refer to rule 1)









Likes, Strengths, Talents (optional):

Dislikes, Weaknesses (optional):

Sexual Orientation:

Romantic Orientation (if different then sexual orientation):

Character’s Favorite Book (Mostly just for fun because they work in a bookstore. Could be a book from real life but a made up title is awesome too! (You can include a short summary of the book (whether real or one you made up) if you want):

Type of Spirit to Bond with (Pick top 3, or more):

Spirit’s Name:

Spirit’s Pronouns:

Spirit’s Personality:

Spirit’s Type:

Plot Adds:

Anything Else:

I want as close as we can get to an even gender ratio and spirit types so PLEASE reserve to give me an idea of what character’s people are making so I can plot and create my characters accordingly.

If you have any questions please ask! You will have until mid-december-ish to finish your characters, so you’ll have a decent amount of time.


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Wait can I place a reserve even though I might not join?


Sure! Why not?


Hehe awesomeeee! Reserve then, for two peeps-maybe a male and female or a male and nb oof and spirits ACK I AM DUMM


Reserve for…

  • Genderfluid Human
  • Male Human
  • Dark Spirit
  • Fire Spirit

Reserve for a male, a female, and two spirits, but I’m not sure what types, please.


Can I reserve for a male and a female human as well as a tech and time spirit?


I want to reserve please, a male human and a mind spirit. Idk know what I’m saying but I’m sure you understand.


Can I reserve a male, female, fire and dark spirit?


Can I reserve for an Earth spirit and two people.


Reserve for 3 humans (Genders yet to be determined, but at least 1 male.) and 3 sprites (Dark, Plant, Aero)


Reserve for three humans and three spirits (Dark, Fire, Aero)


Yaay I’m soo glad this RP isn’t afe restricted so I can create older men yaaay


Just for reference:


Male: 8
Female: 7
Other: 1
TBD: 11

So far we’re doing pretty good with gender ratios! I don’t know it’s just kinda making me happy that at the moment we have more males then females.

Spirit Types

Water: 2
Fire: 3
Plant: 1
Earth: 1
Aero: 4
Dark: 5
Mind: 1
Tech: 2
Time: 1
TBD: 8

So far we have 1 every type which is pretty good. I’m not going to lock it off or anything but it seems dark spirits are the most popular (Probably cause we’re all angsty beans XD) and aero spirits are pretty popular too so it would be cool if we spread it out a bit)

Might as well say Imma reserve for a male and female. One Water Spirit. The other idk yet.


Could I reserve for One female and a Male?
And as for the spirits, One Aero and One tech spirit please :stuck_out_tongue:
I haven’t decided which spirit belongs to who but I love the rp idea!!! :sunglasses::v:


Well, the spirits are actually going to be bonded to a character that is not your own that I’ll be assigning so no need to worry about choosing! :slight_smile:

And thank you!



Oh my god that sounds even cooler!!

I’m loving this rp idea more now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can I reserve for 2 humans and 2 spirits? Everything yet to be determined but honestly they’re probably all going to be either male or nb lmao


Well my character is done … Can’t wait for the FC to come tho …


Literally me when I’ve finally finished a character :rofl::stuck_out_tongue: