Estria: Two Worlds Collide

I’ve written a new fantasy story that I think everyone would enjoy.

I’d love if everyone could take a read and let me know what you think. I am down for R4R’s but you have to read the 3 episodes of my story and post a screenshot. I have unlimited passes and I’ve never not read someones R4R because I believe, ‘what goes around, comes around.’ So let me know if you’re interested and what you think of this story.

Title Estria: Two Worlds Collide
Genre Fantasy
Style LimeLight
Episodes 3
Description You’re a genetically modified ‘perfect Estrian Warrior’, except, you’re flawed. You feel emotions that were supposed to be eradicated from your genes. When a man shows up asking for help to save his world from the Hunters, you must fight a war not only physically but within yourself as you make decisions either an Estrian Warrior would make or based on the emotions that you’re learning to navigate. Will you become a better warrior? Will you gain allies? Will you find yourself as you fight to help save a planet and people that are not your own?


I’d be glad to give it a read! would you like feedback or anything or just promoting your story?

I love feedback! Feedback means improving and if I can improve, then I’m all for it. Don’t worry about being harsh either, the more honest you are, the better I can do.