Ethnic Background or Customization?

A problem I’m having is picking either to give my characters ethnic backgrounds (where it’ll be part of diagloue and a major part of their character) or my reader the option to customize them. Then their race won’t be able to be a part of their character. Which one would you rather have? I’ll leave a poll but feel free to comment why you feel that way or if you have an idea I can have both work out.

  • Ethnic Background
  • Customization
  • Other (comment)

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that is a hard qustions. it depends on how importent her background will. and also like if you are gonna use other stuff then only her looks. like body overlays and art scenes.

you can always give warning . or limited cc. its hard to please evryone


As long as her ethnicity isn’t her personality, i’ll be fine with it either way. Customization can be important to people whose races aren’t represented much in episode stories. However, there also aren’t many stories that are circled around a certain ethnic group or culture other than the norm. I think both are equally important.


Ethnic background so you character is mire unique!


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