Ethnicity help needed [Hawaii, Morocco, Russia, New Zealand]

I just had a story idea where I want to include five characters from different places of the world. There would be a girl from Québec (which is me, so I don’t need help for that), a boy from Morocco, a girl from Russia, a boy from Hawaii and a girl from New Zealand.

I would really love to learn more about life and culture in each country or state (in the case of Hawaii) so if you come from any of these places, tell me below! I will pm you for more information! Thank you and I will credit you in my story as you will be very important so I get my facts right and don’t look like a clueless idiot saying offensive things.

Thank you! :blush:


Hi, I can help you with the Russian girl. I myself from Ukraine, but our cultures are similar, so I still can help you out. Pm me your questions, if you’re interested.


You could include a filipino girl :slight_smile: Theres not much filipino’s in stories.

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Oh, I can’t help you with those, but if you ever need a tamil girl I can help ya :blush:

I don’t think the point is just to include people like checkboxes. It’s about making your characters have cultures that you understand and make sense in your story.

Well, I just thought it would be a good idea. You can make one as a BG character! Just a suggestion

Background characters aren’t diversity and no ones going to know their ethnicity

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Dude I’m just saying. If you don’t want to then ok. You don’t have to bombard me with facts.

I’m not bombarding you with facts. I’m just saying that telling people to add random ethnicities in their story for no reason isn’t the best way to go about diversity. :woman_facepalming:t4:

I think its better than to not include anything and just sticking to one, two or three ethnicities. That way other players from other ethnicities who play it won’t feel like there are biased ethnicities and also won’t feel like their culture is being ignored. And besides, it was only a suggestion. I wasn’t telling her to do it. She didn’t have to if she didn’t want to.:woman_shrugging:t3: I also probably didn’t read the whole thing so I must’ve mistook it for ethnicity suggestions or something, my mistake. I’m going to leave now, I don’t want this to get, you know… bad. Goodluck on your story @cece_hunter!:raising_hand_woman:t3::heartbeat:

  1. This thread wasn’t asking for suggestions on what background characters to add into the story, it was about getting help with the cultures OP is trying to represent, so maybe you were the one doing the bombarding.
  2. How would you know the ethnicity of a background character? All you’d see is an Asian person. So if there were Filipino background characters, you wouldnt know, so your following statement makes no sense:
  1. Clearly she’s including other ethnicities. This post is about looking for help on those ethnicities. Hawaii, Russia, New Zealand and Morocco.

  2. Having a culture included out of obligation or like a checkbox being ticked is not good representation.

  3. It didn’t need to be a big thing, but you had to take it personally. This post wasn’t asking for suggestions. It is also my right to tell you that what you suggested isn’t a good idea if I don’t think it’s a good idea. If we’re talking about unsolicited opinions, your one had nothing to do with the thread.

1,2: "I also probably didn’t read the whole thing so I must’ve mistook it for ethnicity suggestions or something , my mistake."
3. I wasn’t suggesting for a bg character at first, then again, I thought this thread was about ethnicity suggestions. my mistake
4. My suggestion wasn’t for immediate decision. So I never intended for it to be a rush or like a checklist . I said could and I only said that because AGAIN I thought this was an ethnicity suggestion thread
5. I didn’t take it personally, I didn’t want to take it personally. There’s a difference. I was trying to avoid anything from getting out of hand or for any emotions get loose. As I said…
I don’t want this to go, you know… bad.

@ShanniiWrites @zariepisode
Absolutely, this is not a thread for suggestions. It was a mistake, and that’s okay, everybody does them. Both of you are right on certain points, and I think this was a little misunderstanding, so please just let it slide and let’s move on!

Read the threads in entirety before you post, don’t be too quick before you “accuse” people.
Then everybody’s happy.


Sorry for that. It was just a misunderstanding. Sorry again!

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OMG!!! TRuE!

Hey I’m not Hawaiian but I was basically raised in Hawaii and still live there so I could probably give you some insight about Hawaii!