Eunoia - A Group of Writers, Directors, and Artists [CLOSED]


ATTENTION: We’ve plenty of writers and feel the team capacity is full. Thank you to all the applicants who have (unfortunately) not been accepted, and I wish you all the best! Sincerely, TBM.

Hey Guys! Frankly, I’ve opened this topic before, but deleted it soon after due to a loaded schedule. However, I now have enough time to write and direct!
I have loads of stories in mind [100+ to be exact LOL. Really, I need help. :frowning_face:], all of which are open to changes and suggestions of other writers!
As you can figure out from the title of this topic, I’m looking for a few people to help with writing and directing!
The team I have in mind will not only work on one story, but maybe a few simultaneously.
Meaning to say, some writers and directors will be paired with each other, OR we could all be working on one whole story. Depending on its genre and length.
ie. You have submitted a story, giving its plot and genre. People who volunteer will be helping you on that story, BUT those who do not wish to help may not. [Meaning, I WILL NOT assign anybody to your story, as I do not entertain the thought of forcing stories on uninterested authors]. ALSO, it does not mean that will be the only story accessible to you, as everyone may work on MULTIPLE stories if they wish to do so – so long as they are capable of it.
As for means of writing a story, we can all help each other and give recommendations and suggestions. HOWEVER, IF the initial author/s of that story declines your suggestions, please be polite to accept their decisions.
In addition, if you have written that story alone, with only few help from our peers, please give credit to where it is due.
Eunoia [pronounced you-no-ya] means beautiful thinking, and I hope those who will apply would keep a kind and open mind to their peers!
I don’t wish for any specific type of leadership, because I aim for a group of equal peers. Everyone’s thoughts shall be heard in this group.
As for how the group communicates, I will tell you as soon as you are accepted.
Also, I like Unicorns.
Thank you! You may apply with the link provided below.

*PLEASE make sure that you have access to the contact information you’ll be putting down, because after a day or two without getting a reply back from you, we MAY think that you’ve changed your mind.
*There is NO SPECIFIC deadline! Please, just comment or send me a PM that you’ve sent an application, and I’ll check it ASAP :grin:
*The team has already started working on a story, but we welcome new members with open arms! (Don’t be shy LOL)


I will submit my form, but what do you mean by writing?


I submitted my form!!


Writers will be the ones to come up with the story, and directors(or coders) will be the one to program that story into the episode app! But of course, you have the option to be both :slight_smile:




I like unicorns too!


Is there a specific deadline for the applications and when the applicants will be accepted?

I’ve already applied, I’m just a bit curious. :smile:


Same here …alex


I love this idea and submitted an application! Also, I couldn’t select both Ink and Limelight for favorite character style, so I just picked Ink.


Dont worry guys, there is no specific deadline!! I’ll check your applications asap :grin:


Just applied for artist


Applied :slight_smile:


I have replied to the message on IG, because of some notifications error, I wasn’t aware of any messages. Then I checked and replied.

Do let me know of any changes!


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: