Euro Hotel room: Weather outside the windows!

Hey there!
I’m currently looking to see if anyone has an overlay that is the “INT. EURO HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT” background but has the windows cut out so that I can make it look like it is raining outside. If anyone has an overlay for this, LET ME KNOW!!

Thank you!
Emma :slight_smile:

Is this what you’re looking for? :tulip:


yes tyty! is there a possibility you have a night version too?

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(like completely dark)

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You’re welcome, you mean the dark room? Like with the lights out? :tulip:


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Give me a minute I’ll whip one out for ya. :wink::tulip:

THANK YOU!! Do you want credit?

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(if so what should I credit to?)

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Okay here you go. :tulip:

No worries no credit needed. :+1::tulip:


you’re a lifesaver! Thank youuuu!!!

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Thanks, happy to help. :wink::tulip:

@FlowerGriefer I applaud you, U are sooooo talented :clap: :clap: :1st_place_medal:

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Aww shucks thank you. :blush::tulip:

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