~ Eva’s Art Request Thread ~ *CLOSED*


I wont be doing you request anymore for I noticed that you requested the same scene on another thread.


Okay, I requested a few, because all artist are do busy


Your art scene is done x

Art Scene


I’m sending now


I love it thank you so much


Eva, your art is amazeballs, I swear it’s awesome, so I’d like to request a cover.

Story Name: Behind The Door
Amount Of Characters: 3
Character Images/Descriptions:

Character 1 (Sienna)
Body: Rose 06
Brow: Round Medium (Deep Brown)
Hair: If you can do a custom hair try something really curly, if not Long Double Dutch Braids (Black Dark)
Eyes: Monolid Slender (Brown Black)
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Thin Heart (Brown Gold)

Character 2 (Silas)
Body: Neutral 06
Brow: Straight Medium (Black Jet)
Hair: Medium Taper Wavy (Black Dark)
Eyes: Oval Wide (Brown Dark)
Face: Chisled Angular
Nose: Button Round
Lips: SmallHeart (Brown Gold)

Character 3 (Mei)
Body: Gold 00
Brow: Arched Thin High (Black Dark)
Hair: Long Straight Loose Bangs Blunt Solid (Black Dark)
Eyes: Hooded Slender Almond Eyeliner (Ice Blue)
Face: Heart Defined
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Medium Thin (Red Matte)
Extra: Can Mei be transparent and look a bit ghostly.

Sienna should be in a shocked/crying type pose (Can you do custom poses?) Silas should be laughing.
Mei should be behind both of them going ‘Boo’

Sienna and Silas should both be facing the front aswell as Mei.

Can the background be of a long hallway with a door at the end of it (The door open or closed)

I really hope this isn’t too complicated, if it is I totally understand.


This is quite a big request, I have no idea when I’ll be able to finish it. There are quite a few requests in line already so you’ll have to be patient. Could you send me a screenshot of all your chars in the clothes and poses you want them to be in? I know you want custom poses, which I will do, I just like to base them off the original poses.


Of course, sorry that it’s such a big request


Here is your splash, sorry for the long wait :smile_cat:



Thank you :heart: I love it!


Should I send to them to you on this thread or PM you?


You have requested this at the episode starlight also


PM :sunny:


also if you could if u make the boy face forwards like in the picture facing the right as well that’d be perfect but no pressure. it’s fine if u cant


I’m sorry, but I don’t do art scenes :frowning:


oh okay.


Is this art thread open??


@Eva_Diva1 Hey if you’re still open can I request a cover?


Sorry, I’m not taking requests atm :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh alright