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In the realm of Evalore, there are two separate parts of the worlds which were once together. The two worlds were Dark and Light.

Why are they separated?

When the King of Light lost his wife, he wanted to find another Queen to take care of his son. The next Queen who was chosen came from Dark. One day, the Queen was caught attempting to steal the Diamond of Magic and the Diamond of Balance. The King was furious and cut all ties with the Queen, and banished her from Light, as well as Dark.

If both the diamonds are merged together at the break of dawn, it will form into the Elixir of Life, which will make one almost unstoppable, and bring chaos to the world if it feel into the wrong hands.

The Diamond of Magic was disrupted somehow and released magic to the people in Evalore. The Queen who failed her attempt to steal the Diamonds wanted revenge, and has almost everyone in Dark to hate the people of Light. A big war happened between both worlds and the Queen managed to take the Diamond of Balance. Balance between both worlds were lost, and the world’s fell apart. A magical border was formed and prevented anyone to leave their own world, unless they are allowed by the other world to do so.

Many centuries later, the Prince of Light had an idea to let some people from Dark to come to Light, as well as to make peace between these two worlds on his birthday.

Since it was his birthday and he can make any wish he wanted, the King and Queen of the Light world wrote a letter to the Dark world informing them that they are going to invite some people from their world to come to Light. The people from Dark will be randomly chosen to visit Light.

After your character is added, you may RP.


  1. When you RP, pls put your character name.
  2. If you want to curse, please use blur or use *.
  3. Nothing too violent or bad
  4. Please don’t use ORPs too much. Either say it here or on the chat for it (will be made when the RP starts) or with your post for the RP.
  5. You can make 3 characters and clone 3 max.
  6. Try not to have the same powers as others unless they’re related. (Or you can ask the person who already has a character with that power if they let you use it or not.)
  7. No God-modding or controlling other’s characters
  8. Pls don’t make all your character’s just from Dark or all from Light
  9. Have fun!



You receive a letter saying that you are invited to Light. Your name is there in the letter with someone else who is from Light which will be who you’ll be staying with.


You get a letter saying that you are assigned with someone from Dark and you must treat them well, since they are guests.


You will be sent to the biggest and the best hotel in Light and for free. Your expenses will all be paid for you when you stay there. You receive the keys and your room number. You will be living with your assigned partner.

P.S. check out the first few posts for the details of the letters!

Sign ups: OPEN


Orp: Everybody have fun!


I woke up early today as usual. I went to my sister’s room and went in. I saw her reading a letter. “Hey sis. Watcha reading?” I walked in the room and sat down.

While I was reading the letter I found in the letter box earlier this morning, I felt someone by my door. Must be Roxanne. I looked up. “Oh… just some… letter. You should read it. There’s two of them. Here, this is yours.” I took the other one out and gave it to her. I continued to read my letter.


I took the letter from Rose and read it.

Roxanne's Letter

@Zabica - mentioned
Can everyone use the letter above as your letter too? Just change the name of my character to yours and my character’s partner to your character’s partner.


I ran and ran until no one was chasing me anymore. I had used my powers to discover Laia’s deepest desire and made it come true. Well sort of, I made an illusion of it happening. In return she gave me the letter as a gift. She gave me the letter willingly so, technically I didn’t steal it. I merely convinced her to give it to me. I stopped to catch my breath, and decided to open up the letter.
Dear Laia,
You are invited to Light. Please come to the border tomorrow. There will be a carriage waiting for you.
You will be sent to the best hotel at Light to stay there and all expenses will be paid for you. Your partner is Adelia Pruitt. We hope you enjoy your stay here.
Best regards,
Prince of Light,

I wondered why this girl was invited to the Light Kingdom. I have always wanted to travel the world and explore. Watch out light kingdom, I’m coming for you.


I woke up after hearing my alarm clock. I took a bath and ate breakfast. I heard the doorbell ring so I went to the door and opened it. A mailman was standing before me.
“Mr. Kage, here’s your letter.” He said then put the letter in my hand then went away.
I looked at the letter on my hand for a while then went back in.

Daku's Letter

I read the letter. What? Who is Roxanne?
Host? Why me?
A million questions filled my head. Wait… is she… from Dark? No… that’s impossible… But it says to go to the border? I took a deep breath. I guess I’ll find out more tomorrow…

This is the letter for Light. Just change my character’s name to your character’s name and my character’s partner to your character’s partner.


Orp: who’s Laia btw? And just a reminder…


Orp: I thought Nesta could come to the Light Kingdom as someone else. So, she wasn’t actually invited but she stole the letter and came.


That should work if this is like a high school it something but this is a magical border. Unless “Laia” let’s your character go there then she can I think.


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MAX dark
Max was shoved to the floor. “Faster kid!”The guard yelled at him. Nobody care if they push Max. He was a text subject, a prison. All his life living this fake dream in to this day it the same.
He lived in a cell that was all black and gray, little candles light up the long hall, leading to his experiment room. He felt the eyes of prisoners eyeing him, wishing they was him. He paid no attention to what they think only himself. He open the door pushed hesitate and felt a light push from one of the guards. He walked in noticing his “Master” looking worried, pacing around Max seat.
“Boy read this.” Master handed him the letter.

MAX’s Letter

Dear Max,
You are invited to Light . Please come to the border tomorrow. There will be a carriage waiting for you.
You will be sent to the best hotel at Light to stay there and all expenses will be paid for you. Your partner is Asthon Barker. We hope you enjoy your stay here.
Best regards,
Prince of Light ,


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@AngelinaTheUnicorn please change the name to Laia since @IDONTKNOWREAL’s character is going as Laia.


Estelle McMillan

“You have a letter, mademoiselle Estelle.”

Stella’s reverie with her favorite book was broken by her maid, Corsair. But Stella’s interest was piqued, too. Who would write a letter for her in this time of the day?

She stood up and asked her maid to show her. Corsair handed her the letter and Stelle dismissed the maid. The letter was nicely done, in white, shiny paper with a dark stamp on it. From the Dark World?! She panicked. What did she do to receive such horrid thing?

Without a second thought, Stella took out the piece of paper out of the letter and started reading…

That’s going to be a long week, thought Stelle.

ORP: Approachable!


“Shut the hell up kid!” Lucky hear Tom yelled at the new kid. Lucky was use to bullying it was a part of his school. Still Lucky was tired of it, Lucky picked up his feet. “Leave the kid alone!” He yelled at the bully. “Oh yeah. What you going to do!” The bully let go of the kid, and grab on to Lucky. “Don’t hit my face. I don’t want it to be as ugly as your.” That Guy some giggles form some bystanders. The bully face got red, anger flush over him, he bought his free hand back aiming for Lucky face. Seconds before the punch landed a teacher appeared. “NO, fighting in my school!” He said grabbing both boys.
Later that day
Lucky grab the mail. “Wow for me.” He said almost throwing it away!

LUCKY’s Letter

Dear Lucky,
Please come to the border tomorrow. There will be a carriage waiting for you.
You will be sent to the best hotel at Light to stay there and all expenses will be paid for you. Your partner is MARUS. You are his host and must can treat him well in Light .
Best regards,
Prince of Light ,


“This must be some prank… But it’s worth to try and go to the border right? It’s not like any carriage will appear and oh so suddenly we could go to Light.” I couldn’t believe this. There’s no way they would invite me or my sister there. It must be a prank. “Let’s go to Stella’s house…” I walked out of my room.

I agree with my sister. It must be a stupid prank. I walked out of the room too and went to Stella’s house with Rose. I rang the bell once we were there.


Estelle McMillan

Stelle gulped. They’re really here. The dark are going to force her out of her mansion and take her. She started panicking. They’re still ringing the bell…

Stella was hesitant to go and open the door. Her heart leaped out of her chest, blocking each sound coming and replacing it with her heartbeat. She ran down the stairs, trembling. She walked over to the door and opened it slowly.

Stella beamed and breathed out a breath of relief. “Oh, thank stars! Rose! Roxy! Come in, come in!” She beamed and enveloped them in a warm hug.



I hugged her back. “Good to see you.”

I hugged Stella and greeted her, “Morning Stella!”