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ORP: It’s the place everybody goes to and everybody knows and Daku isn’t sure he was here?


I get out and face the well know hot spot, The Marketplace .

“Here it is … There seems to be a party of some sort down by the pallace doors.” I could see people in the distance dancing and chugging bottles while a song was playing almost silent since it was far away.

“Let’s go check it out.”



Me and Rose got out and walked together with Emma and Daku. “So excitedddd! I wonder if it will be the same as how we party. Probs so since parties are just parties.”



Me and the others went down to the store to buy some beers and chips before joining so we don’t come empty handed. Now that we’re in here I just decided to have some fun.

I turned to the girls and Daku.

“Wanna play truth or dare?”



“Sure! You can go first.”



“Okay, truth.” @SilverStar


“What’s your powers? If you have any.” I cut straight to the question I wanted to ask.



“I have the ability to copy any power.”


Asuna finished packing an headed to the kitchen


ORP: Is Asuna at home or at the hotel? Cuz were all at the hotel


“Cool power.”
@LeviTheLunatic How long will they be there?

And I’m planning something for Tmr (irl)


ORP: Umm we’re there already …


I turn to Rose “Truth or dare?” @SilverStar


Orp: I mean at the marketplace



“Okay I dare you to chug down a bottle of beer.” I grab a bottle from the table . “This one” I showed the 1,75 liter bottle in front of her face.

ORP: @SilverStar Yeah they’re at the marketplace


Orp: I mean how long will they stay at the marketplace?


ORP: I dunno … wanna go back since it’s boring there …


Orp: ok
I smiled and took the bottle. “Challenge accepted gal.” I drank the whole thing in a few minutes then place the bottle upside down in a table near us. "Finished it. "

@LeviTheLunatic - she drinks a lot so her liquor is very good



“No girl … I said chug not drink . Chug means seconds not minutes. So I guess you kind of broke the rules so you failed.” @SilverStar


“Fine…” I took another bottle and chugged it down. “Satisfied?”
@LeviTheLunatic - when. Can. They. Leave?



“Well then … Does anybody else feel like today is a bust for this place? It’s usually packed … Wanna go back?” @SilverStar


OOC: Are all the people at the party now or is it just them drinking somewhere?