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I looked up at the hotel it was OK. No flowers. And that sucks. I enter in the hotel and talk to the clerk. He gives me my key and I walk to my room. I open it up and I see floral print curtains and that makes me feel good. I put my stuff on my bed and sit.


Arriving at the hotel and looked at it. Big, luxurious, and everything… show off…
I walked through the door and a cold breeze brushed against my face. This place was neat and tidy. The feeling it gave me was so new, I guess I just have to get used to it, but I wonder how…
I got my room key and card and everything else then headed to my room by the instructions given.
I walked in my room. Opening the first door I see, a girl was there, sitting on the bed.
“Hey there, I’m Stella.”


I saw Asuna getting out of the pool and sat down by herself. I walked up to her, “Hey Asuna. Did you have fun?”
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“Oh hello.” I say smiling at the girl. I knew she was a dark but that’s not going to take my brightness away!


I smiled at her too. “What’s your name?” I asked.


“Oh thier you are, yah I did what about you?”


“I was just chilling.” A breeze brushed upon us.


“Im briar.” I smile she doesn’t seem that mean.


“Nice to meet you.” I said then sat down. “I think I read somewhere on the card they gave us that there’s a party…” I straightened up. “Wanna go?”


I looked at Daku it felt kinda weird being alone with a boy
“So what should we do now”


ORP: @SilverStar I’m back and I think one of my characters was talking to your character.


Orp: I thought he left


ORP: Oh right and I made them sick …

Right so they’re back now she thought she was gonna be sick so she left but she was wrong and he left because he had to do something secret … I still didn’t figure out what lol


Orp: just meet rose wherever u want